Iowa pastors issue challenge to lawmakers

Iowa pastors issue challenge to lawmakers


As the Iowa Legislature considers a bill banning the sale of aborted baby body parts in our state, a long list of pastors has issued a letter, encouraging lawmakers to stand firm in support of it.

The letter is addressed to Republicans, who as the majority party in the House originally put the bill on the debate calendar and some of whom were the bill’s original co-sponsors:

Dear Republican House Members,

Last summer the nation watched in horror as undercover videos appeared of Planned Parenthood (PP) employees haggling over the sale of baby body parts and even more ghastly, a PP employee giving graphic details explaining the process for dismembering babies that still showed signs of life. For God-fearing citizens in “Christian” America it was a wakeup call. For PP it was just another day of doing what they have undoubtedly been doing for decades. That is the only explanation for their dismissive rebuttals to the video evidence which has now been verified as accurate.

It reminded me of my visit to Auschwitz a little more than a year ago where we were shown the house where the commandant lived with his wife and children within sight and one hundred feet of the barracks where thousands of innocent people were dying horrific deaths via the gas chamber every day. How did the commandant do it? There is only one answer. Like Nabal in the Old Testament, his heart had become like a stone. Unfortunately the PP videos reveal that there are such people in our midst today.

Now is the time for the Iowa House to move forward with HF2329, a bill that bans the sale and/or use of aborted baby body parts or bodies in whole. It is tragic that we as a society do not put an end to the murder of the innocent, and may God help us to never abandon that fight. In the meantime let us determine to make sure that Iowa never becomes a place where the bodies of aborted babies are treated as nothing more than a commodity to be used for research or experimentation, much less sold for profit.


Pastor Brad Cranston
Founder, Iowa Baptists for Biblical Values
Pastor, Heritage Baptist Church – Burlington
Director, Awake America State Capitol Initiative

…*along with…

Pastor Cecil Ballard – Grace Baptist Church – Marion
Pastor Earl Beal – Joy Baptist Church – Fort Madison
Pastor Jon Booth – Gateway Baptist Church – Clinton
Evangelist Gene Bray – Harvest Baptist Church – Mt. Pleasant
Pastor Joseph Brown – Marion Ave. Baptist Church – Washington
Pastor Matt Castle – Calvary Baptist Church – Waukon
Pastor Ralph Cole – Easton Baptist Church – Des Moines
Pastor Brad Cranston, Jr. – Heritage Baptist Church – Burlington
Pastor Josh Davenport – Unionville Baptist Church – Unionville
Pastor Travis Decker – Ottumwa Baptist Temple – Ottumwa
Pastor Kevin Dice – Round Prairie Baptist Church – Lockridge
Pastor Jeff Duffy – First Baptist Church – Yarmouth
Pastor Bill Eakins – Pleasant Valley Baptist Church – Bloomfield
Pastor Ken Koske – Twin Pines Baptist Church – Robins
Pastor Joshua Graber – Cornerstone Baptist Church – Vinton
Pastor Bill Graham – Grace Baptist Church – Marion
Pastor Ralph Harmon – Berean Baptist Church – Boone
Pastor Roger Hemming – North Court Baptist Church – Ottumwa
Pastor Ed Hannahs – Fellowship Baptist Church – Marshalltown
Pastor Ed Mast – Old Paths Baptist Church – Dubuque
Pastor Dan McCoy – First Baptist Church – Urbandale
Evangelist Randy Miller – Pleasantville Baptist Church – Pleasantville
Pastor Alan Miller – Heritage Baptist Church – Burlington
Pastor Rick Parcell – Harvest Baptist Church – Mt. Pleasant
Pastor AJ Potter – Pleasantville Baptist Church – Pleasantville
Pastor Dan Reid – Ottumwa Baptist Temple – Ottumwa
Pastor Tim Robbins – Calvary Baptist Church – Charles City
Pastor Michael Ryan – Pocahontas Baptist Church – Pocahontas
Pastor Bryant Sager – Pleasantville Baptist Church – Pleasantville
Pastor Paul Schaefer – Plymouth Bible Baptist Church – Plymouth
Pastor Terry Seney – New Testament Baptist Church – Arnolds Park
Pastor Marvin Smith – Harvest Baptist Church – Fort Dodge
Pastor Matt Sperling – Onawa Bible Baptist Church – Onawa
Pastor Gene Springer – Open Door Baptist Church – Council Bluffs
Pastor Micaiah Stanley – First Baptist Church – Seymour
Pastor Brian Tatman – Eastern Hills Baptist Church – Council Bluffs
Pastor Keeton Wainscott – Calvary Baptist Church – Waterloo
Pastor Darren Whiting – Liberty Baptist Church – Marion


Mr. Roger Meyer – Gospel Light Baptist Church – Marion
*Each endorsement was used by permission after the endorser received a copy of this particular email and gave their consent.

Links embedded in this letter:

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2. VIDEO: Human Capital – Episode 3: Planned Parenthood’s Custom Abortions for Superior Product
3. Forensic analysis confirms Planned Parenthood undercover videos were not manipulated
4. Aerial picture of Auschwitz’s commandant’s home
5. HF2329 – An Act prohibiting certain actions regarding fetal body parts and providing penalties.