Legislative Week In Review #10, March 24

Legislative Week In Review #10, March 24


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Legislative Report, Week #10

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Who’s Running?

Last Friday, March 14th, was the deadline to file with the Iowa Secretary of State to be a candidate for legislative and state-wide offices.  (Candidates for county offices must file by Wednesday, March 26th.)

This is a great time to identify a candidate who shares your priorities, and help them campaign.  There are dozens of committed Iowans who have stepped up and answered the call to run for office.  They need help.  If you are not sure who is running and want to be informed, call Greg at The FAMiLY LEADER (515-263-3495, ext. 18), and we will help you get the information you need.

Great Day at the Capitol!

Tuesday was a great day to be at the Iowa Capitol.  Over 1,000 people attended and participated in Homeschool Day (see a photo blog of the day here).  They/we met with legislators at the Capitol in the morning, and then heard from several candidates downtown in the afternoon, including keynote speaker and Presidential hopeful, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz from Texas.


In addition to helping many homeschool families, we hosted several pastors again at the Capitol on Tuesday.  These gentlemen met with key legislators from both parties, sharing with them in prayer, Scripture (including the Gospel message!), and encouragement.  Please invite your pastor(s) to join us for a day in Des Moines.  It will be a blessing to them, and to the legislators.  Wouldn’t it be great if key lawmakers got saved?!

Bully Bill

This week, the Iowa Senate Democrats passed SF 2318 without any Republican votes and sent it to the House.  Funded with $1 million taxpayers’ dollars, this so-called bully prevention bill is designed to train public school teachers on how to identify and prevent bullying, but doesn’t address ALL bullying.  In addition it gives school authorities power to deal with bullying apart from school settings.  This has caused considerable concern, since Christians, and students of other faiths, could be punished for sharing their faith.  We continue to work with key lawmakers to try to protect students’ religious freedoms, through amendment efforts now in the House.

Defending Life

We extend special compliments to Senators Johnson, Boettger, Sinclair and Ernst for their strong words at last Monday’s press conference, where they asked the Senate Democrats to allow debate on the Telemed Abortion Ban bill.  These pro-lifers are fighting for life in the Iowa Senate, and we are thankful for their leadership.  Several other pro-life senators attended and showed support also.

Schedule a visit — Soon!

An early adjournment is still likely.  Call The FAMiLY LEADER if you would like to schedule a visit yet this year.  There is still time to have an impact on your lawmakers and the work they do on you behalf.

In Christ,

Chuck Hurley

Danny Carroll

Greg Baker

Tamara Scott

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