Legislative Week in Review #11, March 31

Legislative Week in Review #11, March 31


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Legislative Report, Week #11

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Life at Conception

Just about everyone understands that life begins at conception.  Even those who believe it is ok for a mother and her abortionist to kill her unborn child, in the name of “choice” or “reproductive healthcare rights” or whatever the supposed justification, understand that the life of a baby is being terminated.  They have just found a way to rationalize their view.

The Iowa legislature is no different, and we believe a majority of legislators would acknowledge that life begins at conception.  For various political reasons, however, they hesitate to debate any legislation that would confirm in state law what the Declaration of Independence held as “self-evident.”

On Wednesday, Rep. Tom Shaw attempted unsuccessfully to address the issue by use of legislative rules.  We commend him for trying, and ask that defenders of life contact and thank him for his effort.  He and several fellow legislators have been working diligently to defend life.  His # is 712-841-7691, or email at Tom.Shaw@legis.iowa.gov.

Bully Bill Senate File 2318 passed the Senate along a party line vote and is now in the House Appropriations committee.  We expect the House to try and advance the legislation yet this Session, since this is such a high priority of the Governors’, and it’s an election year.  The FAMiLY LEADER has grave concerns, and will continue to diligently work with legislators to try to improve the bill and protect ALL students from bullying and harassment.  We should have more to report on this subject after some back-room negotiations.  This could well be one of the last bills to pass this year.

Human Trafficking

Our good friend Rep. Greg Heartsill helped amend and shepherd SF 2311 through the House, and if the Senate now concurs, it should be signed soon, increasing penalties for this heinous crime, and providing additional protection for vulnerable minors.  We applaud these efforts, and look forward to squashing this modern-day slave trade!

Budget and adjournment

Out best guess is that the 2014 session will adjourn sometime within the next few weeks.  The House passed part of the $6.8 billion budget this week.  Once all the money is spent, they will adjourn and hit the campaign trail leading up to the Primary Election on June 3rd.

In Christ,

Chuck Hurley

Danny Carroll

Greg Baker

Tamara Scott

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