Legislative Week In Review #12, April 7

Legislative Week In Review #12, April 7


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Legislative Report, Week #12

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Bully Bill

Our team spent many hours on Senate File 2318 (the “Bully Bill”) last week, and now we need YOU! The Bill, passed first by the Senate, was moved out of House sub-committee by Rep. Cecil Dolecheck. Cecil is a very mature Christian, and is working hard to pass something that will really HELP Iowa school children. However, the Governor, House and Senate are at odds over both the language, and how much taxpayers’ money to spend on the effort. The Senate wants to spend $1 million, while the Governor/House are asking only $25,000 – quite a spread indeed.

Cecil DolecheckIn addition to the money, several House Republicans want to protect the free speech and religious liberty rights of students who express a belief, such as “I believe homosexual behavior is sinful,” and could be charged with “bullying” for doing so under current code. Many legislators also want the Golden Rule taught, which would help PREVENT bullying. Please join us in thanking Rep. Dolecheck for his hard work, and encouraging him to hold firm on religious liberty and the Golden Rule. He can be emailed at Cecil.Dolecheck@legis.iowa.gov. THANK YOU!

Speaking of Bullying…

On April 1st, the 9th Annual “Governor’s Conference on LGBTQ Youth” was held in Des Moines. This Conference was started by shrewd homosexual activists, with Gov. Vilsack’s blessing, under the guise of “anti-bullying.” Now, [mis]using the Governor’s name and our tax dollars, it has become a sickening promotion of all things perverted. For example, “safe sex kits” are handed out to junior high and high school students; and a featured speaker this year was Sharon Needles, a flamboyant cross-dresser. This year, homosexual activists made available to the hundreds of students in attendance, a comic book portraying Bob Vander Plaats as a bully and villain. You can see The FAMiLY LEADER response here. How hypocritical to see a Conference for students that belittles others, when it is ostensibly held to teach tolerance, respect, and anti-bullying!

Adjournment? Don’t hold your breath!

Legislative leaders have for sometime spoken about an expected early adjournment. However, with recent news about secret payroll settlements in state government, the Senate Democrats are dragging out the Session, as they hold hearings looking for a “smoking gun.” This provides lots of free publicity for one of their own, Sen. Jack Hatch, who is running against Governor Branstad.

One other inevitable delay in adjourning is the perennial budget bill that funds the Department of Human Services. For the last several years, many principled pro-life House Republicans have refused to vote for a bill that sends taxpayers’ money to any abortionists, such as Planned Parenthood, who kill unborn children. We are asking that you hold up in prayer these stalwart members who refuse to go along with a spending bill that violates this simple principle. They will be pressured to “cave in” so the Session can adjourn more quickly.

Personal note

Danny Carroll has been serving as an advocate for the family during the legislative session. Nine days ago, he was elected Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa.  As a result of that election, he will be stepping down as one of our lobbyists. We wish him well in his new role, and ask our supporters to pray for Danny as he leads the Republican Party.

In Christ,

Chuck Hurley

Danny Carroll

Greg Baker

Tamara Scott

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