Legislative Week In Review, #13, April 14

Legislative Week In Review, #13, April 14


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Legislative Report, Week #13

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Taxpayer $ for Abortionists

righttolifeThe bulk of our time last week was spent fighting to stop any more of your and our tax dollars going to abortionists like Planned Parenthood, via the annual Dept. of Human Services budget bill.  This annual fight has been going on for many years, increasing in intensity each year, as other states are beginning to throw off this abomination; we believe Iowa should do likewise!  While the Iowa Senate Democrats seem more unified, committed, and confident in forcing taxpayers to fund abortion providers like Planned Parenthood, than the House Republicans and the Governor are in stopping such funding, we were told that iron-clad commitments were made this year by House leaders that they will find a way next year to win this battle.  This step in the right direction only happened because our stalwart pro-life friends in the House wrangled with their colleagues for days, and were prepared to hold up Session adjournment for weeks, to defend the unborn.  (Now, with passage of the DHS budget, adjournment is looming, except for hearings on Executive branch employee problems.)

We all need to pray and work for candidates, both Senate and House, who will stand up to rid Iowa of this awful scourge.  Contact Greg Baker to find out which of your candidates have responded to our Survey that they will absolutely not vote for any more tax money going to abortionists:  515-263-3495 ext. 18.  And then vote in the June 3rd Primary!  That’s often where the difference is made.

Bold Witness for Christ in the Senate

Sen. Dennis Guth

Last week, Sen. Dennis Guth rose on the Senate floor and delivered a great message about the need for our Savior to transform hearts, relating his message to our current lawmaking efforts.  Be encouraged and inspired by both his words and his boldness!!  And pray that Sen. Guth and others at the Capitol would continue to speak God’s Word boldly, just as Paul asked for prayer to do that very thing in Eph. 6:18-20.  Watch Senator Guth deliver his message here, start at 5:50 min. mark or, read his statement here.

Other Spiritual Happenings Around the Capitol

Your TFL team continues to share the Gospel and pray with and for lawmakers, staff, and lobbyists each week. Pray that several would get saved!  And we continue, as we have for 24 years, to participate in the weekly prayer meetings and Bible studies, which have been excellent this year!

Last week we had a couple of special moments:

1)    Our Tuesday noon prayer group and other visitors joined Governor Branstad for his signing of a Prayer and Repentance Proclamation, shortly after our prayer meeting ended.  Watch the video and see the text of the Proclamation here.  We strongly urge you to read the Proclamation, and join hopefully thousands of Iowans on July 14 at the Capitol for a day of Prayer and Repentance.

Sen. Nancy Boettger

2)    Our Thursday morning Bible study group said farewell to Sen. Nancy Boettger and her husband David, who have attended faithfully for 20 years.  She is retiring, and they will be greatly missed.  I (Chuck) met her for the first time at the Bible study 21 years ago, when she was visiting the Capitol and contemplating her first run for Senate.

This week, the Annual Iowa Prayer Breakfast will be held Thursday at 7:15 a.m.  This is a great time to join many Christians, including most of the believers from the Capitol, for prayer, food, and fellowship; and to hear God’s Word spoken and sung (this year TFL’s own Dave Barnett’s wife Leah will join another great Iowa opera singer, Simon Estes, as special vocalist).   We look forward to joining with others in much-needed prayer for our state.

In Christ,

Chuck Hurley

Danny Carroll

Greg Baker

Tamara Scott

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