Legislative Week In Review #14, April 21

Legislative Week In Review #14, April 21


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Legislative Report, Week #14

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School Choice on Truth For Our Time TV Show

Last Wednesday, Tamara hosted Chuck, along with the Iowa Catholic Conference’s Executive director Tom Chapman, for a hard-hitting, comprehensive TV show about school choice.  We strongly recommend you check it out, as well as other excellent programs Tamara has hosted, by going to Truth For Our Time.  You can also join her live at 10 a.m. each Wed., and even participate by calling in.  Thanks, Tamara, for these great programs to inform and activate the body of Christ!

Run-up to Easter/Adjournment

Last week was the annual pre-Easter schizophrenia at the Capitol:  as end-of-Session stress escalates, along comes the reminder of the Lamb of God, His unjust murder, and miraculous resurrection bringing forgiveness and hope to all who believe.  Most people at the Capitol still have at least faint memories of a Christianized culture, and a decent respect for the underlying themes of Easter.  So the intense fighting takes a brief hiatus, and the Iowa Prayer Breakfast makes its profound mark on the political (as well as other segments of the) community.

For example, this year’s overriding theme at the Prayer Breakfast was forgiveness of, and prayer for, our enemies—a fabulous theme desperately needed at the Capitol, especially near the end of Session.   The featured speaker, opera star Simon Estes, who is African-American, shared how his mom taught him to pray for and forgive the many racists who mistreated him.  His face glowed with love as he told how those teachings, and God’s Holy Spirit, had spared him from choosing bitterness and unforgiveness.

While the acrimony at the Capitol isn’t racial, it IS intense, even demonic at times, as worldviews clash over sanctity of life and marriage, looking to God or government as our great Provider, etc.  And those differences are greatest at the end of Session, because all the hard disagreements throughout the Session get pushed back to the end, since they haven’t been solved after many earlier attempts.  Add the facts that expense money runs out; legislators, staff, and lobbyists are tired; the weather is nice, and people need/ want to get home to farm, garden, do yard work, enjoy their families, rest, and relax; and you have a pressure-cooker ready to explode.  Easter thoughts and activities help let off some steam.

People often ask us, “When WILL Session be over?”  I (Chuck) always answer, “When somebody blinks.”  Powerful lawmakers tug, cajole, and even curse and swear to try to get their opponents to give in and say “okay.”  Usually trade-offs are made, nobody gets everything they want, and everybody’s a little (or a lot) upset.  It’s an election year, and so there is more intense jockeying for public perception and news stories helpful to each side’s position.  Right now, that mainly involves Democrats’ allegations of misconduct by the Governor and his executive branch employees.

Bully Bill, etc.

PLEASE be alert to possible call(s) to action in the next few days—the Governor and Speaker again mentioned, in yesterday’s Des Moines Register (link to article), their desire to pass the Bully Bill before adjournment, so we must remain vigilant until the final minute of Session.  Other issues could surface as well, so stay alert.  Thanks!

US Senate Family Forum

In addition to our lobbying efforts to get God-honoring, pro-family legislation passed, we also like to inform voters of candidates’ worldviews BEFORE the election!  This Friday will be the best opportunity to hear the U.S. Senate candidates being vetted by a nationally-recognized conservative, Erick Erickson of Redstate.com.  Tickets sales this last week are really going fast, so get registered while we still have room!
In Christ,

Chuck Hurley

Greg Baker

Tamara Scott

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