Legislative Week In Review #15, April 28

Legislative Week In Review #15, April 28


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Legislative Report, Week #15

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Adoption Tax Credit Passes

One piece of good news from this Session is the passage of HF 2468, spear-headed by Rep. Megan Hess, to give an Iowa income tax credit of up to $2500 for adoption-related expenses. This will help incentivize more adoptions, and relieve couples of some of the normally heavy costs of adoption. For children adopted out of foster care, it will also help save a tremendous amount of taxpayer money, based on the high cost of government child care. Most of all, it will help more children find a permanent family! As a twice-adopting father, I (Chuck) can attest to the blessing for all involved!

More Drama regarding Bully Bill

Late last week, the supposedly “dead” anti-bullying bill, SF 2318, re-surfaced suddenly in the House.  It passed 68-27, with some of our best friends voting “No” and others voting “Yes.”  Most believe it has been stripped of its negative aspects, so now it’s marginally acceptable.  Others believe it was a lost opportunity to fix the existing anti-bullying Code, Section 280.28, to clarify that students can’t be charged with bullying for stating their religious or moral views; also, it doesn’t explicitly require moral teaching (like the Golden Rule, which Rep. Sheets’ Amendment would have done), which our Iowa Constitution says schools must do, and which is the only sure way to begin reducing bullying.

Now it goes to the Senate, to see whether they will accept the House’s scaled-back version, or send it to Conference Committee to try to get their way, or let it die.  We’ll keep you posted!

Final Days

Lots of behind-the-scenes, last-minute haggling is taking place, to try to reach agreement on the final budget bills and adjourn.  This is when pet items are often slipped in, under the assumption that most people are tired and just want to go home.  We’ll keep watching to the end, and let you know if you need to contact lawmakers, possibly in the “wee hours” of the last day or two of Session, probably late this week.

US Senate Family Forum

Senate-Web-Ad-2WATCHONLINE copyThanks to all of you who filled the Faith Baptist Bible College auditorium Friday night to hear US Senate candidates share their faith and worldviews, as they apply to the high office they seek.  If you missed it, or want to review their answers again, you can access it here.


Don’t forget to vote in the June 3 Primary Elections!  This is where a few God-fearing voters can make a big difference, because of the low turnout, and because of the excellent Christians who are running.  You can vote anytime between now and June 3 by absentee ballot, or by going to the County Auditor’s office.  Click here for more information.

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