Legislative Week In Review #7, March 3

Legislative Week In Review #7, March 3


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Legislative Report, Week #7

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Webcam Abortions

Unless the Democrat-controlled Senate passes the House Bill banning webcam abortions out of Committee by the end of next week, the Bill will die, along with hundreds (or thousands) of unborn Iowa babies in the next year.  Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal has buried the Bill (HF 2073) in a “graveyard committee” made up of staunch pro-abortion Sens. Quirmbach and Bolkcom.  Prayer warriors around Iowa are fasting and praying between now and March 13, the effective Senate “funnel” date, for God to “part the Red Sea” on this life and death matter.  Please join them; and please contact your Senator, urging him or her to prevail on Sen. Gronstal to debate this Bill.  We believe if he allowed it to be debated, it has the votes to pass.  We’ll keep you posted as March 13 approaches.

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Common Core

We continue to address the “Common Core,” a term that has been given to national efforts to intrude into local schools.  The national effort, which has been adopted under the guise of “Iowa Core,” will corrupt local curriculum, student testing, and statewide teaching standards in Iowa.  A growing number of legislators have recognized this trend, and have been working since last summer to protect Iowa families from this takeover of local education.

View the “requirements” of Common Core that violate state sovereignty…

Most bills that would have addressed the problem directly died in the “funnel” ten days ago.  However, several lawmakers are working to amend surviving Bills to address this, and have our wholehearted support.  We look forward to working with Senators and Representatives in their efforts to offer amendments that will protect parents and children from this intrusion, and will keep you posted.


Bully Bill

Governor Branstad has submitted the “Bully Free Iowa Act of 2014,” now identified as HF 2409.  He and his staff have publicly said that this is a top priority for him this Session.  While it should be obvious that we ALL deplore bullying, the “devil is in the details.”  For example, when the first “Bully Bill” was proposed in Iowa by homosexual activists several years ago, we urged an amendment that would say ALL bullying should be prohibited.  The Democrats then in control of the House and Senate rejected our amendment, preferring to have a list of special classes of people who would be protected, including homosexuals and cross-dressers.  Now, we may be better able to bring sanity to the Bill.

The Bill passed out of Committee before “funnel,” and may soon be debated by the full House.  The bill requires the Board of Educational Examiners to develop and require “training approved by the Iowa Department of Education on harassment and bullying prevention and response.”  The State Board of Education is required to coordinate the Bully Free Iowa Act of 2014, and may contract with other Departments like the Iowa Civil Rights Commission.

The entire bill depends on the Department of Education to adopt rules.  This is where the real damage can be done.  Unless properly amended, it will be left up to unknown people to determine what bullying means.  In recent years this has partially resulted in forcing a pro-homosexual agenda on families.  We are concerned that Christians will find themselves a victim of such an agenda, should they dare to speak the truth about homosexuality.  The FAMiLY LEADER is watching this bill closely and will support amendments that protect Christians.

Regarding bullying, we are reminded of the simple commandment from the Lord, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”  Perhaps HF 2409 should be amended to simply say that!


In Christ,

Chuck Hurley

Danny Carroll

Greg Baker

Tamara Scott

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