Legislative Week In Review #8, March 10

Legislative Week In Review #8, March 10


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Legislative Report, Week #8

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Bully Bill

House File 2409 is a bill proposed to train teachers on how to control bullies in schools.  The FAMiLY LEADER worked on an amendment to require the availability of Bibles in the classroom and a serious presentation of the concept of treating your neighbor as you would be treated.  In addition, several legislators proposed amendments to protect Christian young people from being accused of bullying if they share their faith.  They also proposed legislative “approval” of using the National Motto, “In God We Trust”, in the classroom.  Due to these and several other amendments, it appears that the bill will NOT advance.  It seems that there is little tolerance within the Iowa Legislature for proposals that deal with Christian ideals.

Common Core

There is mounting anxiety on the part of several lawmakers and FAMiLY LEADER staff over the “Common Core” takeover of public education.  After many hours of work, hearings, and discussions, it does not appear that the Iowa Department of Education will back off from implementing this federal intrusion in our schools.  Like the Bully Bill, efforts to address Common Core appear to be going nowhere.  Next year will present another chance as that is when testing or “assessments”, as they are called, will begin.  Government continues its attempt to do what only parents can do – raise up well educated, well behaved, productive, and Godly citizens.


The House and Senate agreed on budget targets this past week.  This action signals the “roadmap” to end the session.  Once budget bills are approved, there is little else to keep lawmakers in Des Moines.  The agreement between House Republicans and Senate Democrats spends $6.97 billion, a 7.4% increase in state spending.

We were pleased to host several pastors who came to the capitol Wednesday to engage lawmakers and to pray with them.  We continue to be encouraged by pastoral visits to the capitol.  We envision the day when there are several pastors at the capitol each day of the session.  We are confident that a return to Biblical priorities that should form the basis for all laws is the best answer for a culture that is drifting away from our roots.


Please encourage your pastor to contact The FAMiLY LEADER to set up a day to visit the capitol.  We will provide guidance and assistance as they engage legislators.  Many Godly lawmakers appreciate the encouragement they receive from these pastoral visits.  Have them contact Danny or Chuck via info(at)thefamilyleader(dot)com.  We welcome their involvement.
In Christ,

Chuck Hurley

Danny Carroll

Greg Baker

Tamara Scott

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