Legislative Week In Review #9, March 17

Legislative Week In Review #9, March 17


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Legislative Report, Week #9

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2nd Funnel
Last week was known as the “second funnel.”  It marks the date that many bills die for the Session, since they failed to pass out of committee.  Among these were the Iowa Marriage Amendment and the Telemed Abortion ban.

Bully Bill
In the House, a bill called the “Bully Free Iowa Act of 2014” failed to pass the House of Representatives.  However, a similar bill in the Senate, SF 2318, is alive and will probably advance.  Governor Branstad and others are working to pass a bullying prevention bill this Session.  Their goal is to provide training and accountability in the public schools to identify and prevent bullying.  Senator Ken Rozenboom offered a proposal in the Senate Appropriations Committee to protect ALL children, not just certain students who have “identifying characteristics.”  We commend Senator Rozenboom and other legislators who are seeking to protect all students.

In addition, many of these same legislators are concerned that Christian (and other) students who try to share their faith will be subject to bullying charges, since most faiths call homosexuality “sin.”  They too deserve to have their First Amendment rights secured, and right now, the law would punish them if they “offend” a homosexual student by saying homosexual behavior is wrong.

Common Core
This Legislature has done little to confront the onslaught of “Common Core” in our public schools.  Parents and experts in this area are building support for asking all 50 States to reconsider their involvement in the Common Core.  Both Governors Culver and Branstad have affirmed and re-affirmed Iowa’s participation in this overreach of Government, though Governor Branstad acknowledged some problems with his Executive Order.  The FAMiLY LEADER commends Representative Sandy Salmon and about a dozen other legislators who have been working on this effort since last fall.  As parents experience the negative impact of Common Core, we predict there will be even more effort to remove Iowa from this red tape.

Pastors at the Capitol!
We hosted several pastors, mostly from Marshall County, on Tuesday.  Pastor Kerry Jech from New Hope Christian Church in Marshalltown led about 10 area pastors as they prayed with and encouraged several legislators.  We look forward to hosting another group of pastors this week.

An early adjournment seems likely, as the $6.9 billion state budget nears completion.  We do expect this session to adjourn prior to April 15th (tax day).  We will continue to fight for God-honoring legislation until the final fall of the gavel!


Please encourage your pastor to contact The FAMiLY LEADER to set up a day to visit the capitol.  We will provide guidance and assistance as they engage legislators.  Many Godly lawmakers appreciate the encouragement they receive from these pastoral visits.  Have them contact Danny or Chuck via info(at)thefamilyleader(dot)com.  We welcome their involvement.
In Christ,

Chuck Hurley

Danny Carroll

Greg Baker

Tamara Scott

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