FAMiLY Leadership Summit Livestream – 2020

Welcome to the livestream recording of the 2020 FAMiLY Leadership Summit!

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0:22 Opening remarks & prayer

8:47 – Dr. Del Tackett

45:06 Rick Santorum

1:08:42 Bob Vander Plaats – Trump, Keep your Promise – click here for full video:

1:12:52 TFL Elections & Policy

1:39:43 Marilyn Musgrave, Susan B. Anthony List

1:48:36 Senator Joni Ernst

2:07:54 KCCI’s ‘Two Pastors’ video intros TFL’s Greg Baker & Pastor Al Perez

2:17:18 Bob interview’s Mike Lindell, Lindell Recovery Network

3:02:19 The Church Ambassador Network

3:24:16 The Daniel Impact, participating states interview

4:05:19 Iowa Governor Reynolds

4:26:00 Jack Brewer

4:45:00 Joel Rosenberg

5:25:15 TFL Video – The Little “I” – for full video:

5:31:53 Bob Vander Plaats -TFL at 10 years… – for full video, click here:

5:51:58 Bob intros Susan Pompeo who intros U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo

6:22:55 End

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