The If 7:14 Call – Video of 1st half of program




The If 7:14 Call – 1st half of the program from If 7:14 on Vimeo.


What is the If 7:14 initiative?

If 7:14 is an urgent and compelling call for revival based upon 2 Chronicles 7:14, a passage we believe gives us a glimpse of God’s heart and a template for revival. If we hope to pin our nation’s shortcomings on our political opposition and to blame others for our collapsing spin, we have reached the wrong conclusion. This verse and this initiative is for God’s people…His team…us!

The If 7:14 initiative includes:

  • if714-bookA book by Bob Vander Plaats entitled If 7:14…An Urgent Call for Revival…It’s Time. Visit
  • A prayer initiative asking people to pray every day at 7:14 am and 7:14 pm for personal revival, revival in their marriages, families, homes, churches, communities, nation, and world.
  • Annual gathering called The If 7:14 Call