@MegynKelly: Where are the kids?

@MegynKelly: Where are the kids?


Bob Vander Plaats –

In response to comments made by Erick Erickson and Lou Dobbs about a Pew study finding that 40% of American households have a mother as the primary breadwinner, Megyn brought the two on her show and showed significant agitation about their comments. Watch the interaction here:

Here’s the problem with Megyn – she can’t be truly objective on this subject because she took their comments personally. She’s a big breadwinner for her family, and I’m sure a prime-time television anchor’s salary can affect anyone’s thinking. When I was a high school principal, I got really good at spotting kids justifying their actions. What you have here is someone justifying. Big time.

Megyn, where are the kids left in all this discussion? What is best for them? Can we remove our personal feelings and emotions for a minute and ask, “What is truly best for kids?” and recognize this reality? Erick and Lou are not saying that women should not be a breadwinner for their family. They are simply recognizing a disturbing trend where too many men, husbands and Dads are dropping the leadership baton of responsibility for their families.

Erick Erickson cited a study done by University of Texas sociology professor Mark Regnerus which is the most comprehensive study to date on family structure and the impact it has on children. See the study for yourself.

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