National media discover shocking content of Iowa LGBTQ conference

National media discover shocking content of Iowa LGBTQ conference


The FAMiLY LEADER first revealed the shocking, graphic content Iowa schoolchildren were exposed to at 10th annual Iowa Governors Conference on LGBTQ Youth on April 3.

Now the story is getting national attention.

Todd Starnes of Fox News digs deeper into the story with a column released April 17:

“They thought the Iowa Governor’s Conference on LGBTQ Youth was about anti-bullying,” Starnes writes. “Instead, about 1,000 teenagers from more than 100 Iowa communities were treated to a profanity-laced performance by a drag queen along with graphic conversations on oral sex and a transgender tutorial on how to make fake testicles.”

He continues: “Many of the young people who attended the Iowa Governors Conference on LGBTQ Youth did so because they cared about their classmates. They wanted to learn how to stand in the gap for others. And yet some of these good-hearted kids were made to feel uncomfortable – and quite frankly – fearful. The individuals I spoke with begged me to protect their identities – deeply concerned about potential backlash from activists.

“How sad that a group of young people found themselves bullied at an anti-bullying conference.”

Read Starnes’ Fox News column by clicking here.

Read the original FAMiLY LEADER report that sparked the story by clicking here.

“It’s hard to believe if parents knew their children were attending obscenity-laced presentations where they’re encouraged to slash tires and use their cell phones to find orgies, they would continue to support it,” The FAMiLY LEADER President Bob Vander Plaats said. “It’s hard to believe teachers, school boards, and administrators would want their names and organizations backing these kinds of life lessons. It’s hard to believe the governor would want his name associated with it.

“This is a situation where Iowans may just not realize what’s really going on,” he concluded. “As more and more of this material comes to light, however, I trust Iowans will demand better ways to honestly help kids than continue down this path the Governor’s Conference has traveled.”

“Just for the record, let me restate that The FAMiLY LEADER would never approve of bullying or the mistreatment of any person, at any time, or for any reason. We support the golden rule, which says, ‘Treat people the same way you want them to treat you’” (Matthew 7:12).

“But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea” (Matthew 18:6).

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What can YOU do? Share this story with other concerned parents. Post it on Facebook. Ask your school board or administrators if your school district sent students or teachers to the conference and whether this is the kind of material they want to be endorsing.

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