NRB and “If 7:14”

NRB and “If 7:14”


In late February, Bob and a few team members went to Nashville to the “National Religious Broadcasters” Convention to get the word out about “If 7:14” and what God is doing through it.  It was an amazing trip, and the opportunities and connections were unbelievable!

NRB is attended by thousands of radio hosts, movie makers, church leaders, and folks who produce every other conceivable form of communication.  This is a great place to promote a new product, book, or message.  That is exactly why we were attending.

The first thing we did was set up the display in the expo, which we shared with several other vendors.  We handed out books and shared the vision of “If 7:14” with everyone who would listen, asking them to pray for revival at 7:14 a.m. and 7:14 p.m.



The first major debut of the book was in the expo area for a book signing.  We were nervous, since the book is still really new, and Bob isn’t a nationally-known author (yet 🙂 ).  However, through some God-ordained new friendships that morning, a steady line of 15-25 people flowed up to the signing table for a full hour!  Bob made new friends, cast the vision, and signed personal copies of “If 7:14.”





During the convention, many radio and television hosts set up a studio and record interviews they can broadcast at a later date.  Bob got the opportunity to do several interviews, which will further cast the vision for “If 7:14” across the nation.



The second major opportunity to share the message of “If 7:14” was at a special authors’ reception.  Dozens of authors (many of which you would recognize) each had a table and got access to an invite-only audience which milled around between authors, chatting and getting their books autographed.  Again, this was an amazing opportunity and was very successful at building awareness of “If 7:14.”






The last major opportunity was at a large “invite-only” breakfast of “who’s-who” of broadcasters, hosted by the Bott Radio network.  Bob was able to present the vision of “If 7:14″ and share a copy of with every person in attendance.

Bob speaking


When he wasn’t doing interviews, speaking, or signing books, Bob was able to make several connections with folks who are passionate to see revival take hold in America, and we are following up with them to see what kind of partnerships might be possible.

The last day, as I asked someone at the booth if they had a copy of “If 7:14” yet, he commented, “No, but I’d like one, I’ve been seeing that book everywhere!”  We did our job well.  Thank you for your support which made that trip possible.

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