What can a pastor do?

What can a pastor do?




Government can’t be godly if godly people don’t participate in it. And no one has more influence on godly people than pastors.

Here are a few things pastors can do to encourage their congregations to caucus on Feb. 1:

1. Speak out from the pulpit. Few people change their habits (or lack thereof) without being directly challenged. Even under IRS guidelines, pastors can freely encourage their people to caucus, train their people to caucus, even talk about the issues, without compromising non-profit restrictions. The tax code only frowns on telling your congregation which candidate to caucus for or which party’s caucus (Republican or Democrat) to attend.
For more on IRS compliance, click here.
Click here to watch a video series that may inspire your comments and outlines biblical reasons for Christians to caucus.

bulletin-icon2. Include this easy insert in your bulletin. It explains in simple terms how to caucus, where to caucus, and why caucusing is a matter of Christian stewardship. Click here or on the image to download the insert.

3. Play this one-minute video. Again, fully IRS-compliant, the video challenges Christians to choose prayerfully and choose well, but to choose to honor God by attending the Iowa Caucuses on Feb. 1. Click here to see the video for yourself!

Caucus PowerPoint icon4. Utilize this PowerPoint slide. It’s a simple reminder of the time and date with a website where people can learn more about how, where, and why to caucus. Click here or on the image to download the slide.

Caucus PowerPoint icon5. Cancel all church activities for the evening of Feb. 1. Caucusing MUST be done in person. There is no “absentee ballot.” Your church members can’t caucus if they’re at a church meeting!

And if you haven’t yet seen our letter to pastors, which explains how God has placed the church in Iowa for just such a time as this, click here to read it now.

Thank you, pastor, for all you do for God’s church!