Remember the Romano!

Remember the Romano!

Judge Romano

On Wednesday, November 6, an 8-2 ruling by the Iowa Board of Medicine was scheduled to go into effect, thereby stopping all webcam abortion practices in the state of Iowa.  The board’s decision was based on concern for patient safety.  However, District Court Judge Karen Romano, appointed by Governor Vilsack in 2001, issued a temporary hold on Tuesday, which blocked the Board’s decision.  The ultimate decision will be handled by the Iowa court system.

On Wednesday, The FAMiLY LEADER, a pro-life and pro-family group who were instrumental in the removal of three activist judges from the Iowa Supreme Court in 2010, issued a statement:

“Iowans once again are experiencing another example of an activist judge who feels she knows better than the Iowa Board of Medicine, the Governor, and the people of Iowa. Webcam abortions were supposed to stop on November 6, 2013 thanks to a wise decision by the Iowa Board of Medicine. But now, this abortion practice that endangers women will continue because an activist pro-abortion judge thinks her role is lawmaker.  In 2010, Iowans held three activist supreme court judges in check when they voted “no”on their retention.  Apparently Judge Romano has not learned a lesson from that vote. The FAMiLY LEADER encourages Iowans to remember Judge Karen Romano’s activism when she is up for retention in November 2016.”

In response, Matt Sinovic, executive director of the liberal group Progress Iowa, wrote an email to the Des Moines Register, saying, “Bob Vander Plaats and the Family Leader need to stop trying to infect Iowa courts with their divisive politics.”

Chuck Hurley, Chief Counsel of The FAMiLY LEADER, countered, saying, “The FAMiLY LEADER is once again being accused of bringing ‘divisive politics’ into the courts. However, it was Planned Parenthood that brought this issue to court, because for Planned Parenthood, it is not primarily about helping women, it is about protecting their financial interest in doing more abortions. Webcam abortions are big money for them, and they were not going to let the Iowa Board of Medicine take that cash cow away without seeking a friendly judge to keep their abortion business humming.”

Hurley continued, “They knew that if they took it to court and could get a judge appointed by Tom Vilsack or Chet Culver to hear their case, they would likely win. It is time they quit politicizing the courts with their agenda, and it’s time the courts stop imposing their will on Iowans, and leave rule-making and legislating to those constitutionally empowered to do so.”

“The FAMiLY LEADER’s goals are to fully defend the sanctity of human life, and to alert Iowans when we sense judicial activism, or wrongful usurpation of any constitutional powers by any branch.

Iowans fully recognize, comprehend, and embrace that the judicial branch has not been given constitutional authority to make law.

We were simply pointing out that it was this kind of judicial activism by Iowa judges that led to Iowans voting out three Iowa Supreme Court judges in 2010.

The Iowa Board of Medicine made a decision that webcam abortions were not offering women healthcare that met Iowa’s standards. They were doing the job that the Governor appointed them to do. Iowa’s courts did not need to intervene.  Iowans need to ask Planned Parenthood to quit politicizing the courts and furthering their political cause through the judicial branch.

To clarify our earlier statements, we are not launching a campaign against Judge Romano, nor do we have any plans to do so at this time.”



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