Remember to Vote June 3

Remember to Vote June 3


Set yourself a reminder to vote on June 3.

Next Tuesday, June 3 is the primary elections.  Set yourself a reminder right now so you don’t forget to vote! Grab your phone or wherever you keep your calendar, and set yourself a reminder.

Some people don’t vote in the primary because they feel it’s just not as important as the general election.  But that is wrong!  It’s just as, if not more, important than the general election.  The primary is where you have the most influence with your vote.  I urge you to stand with those who will be a standard-bearer, pursuing righteousness in the civic arena.

I encourage you to look at the list below and do a few minutes worth of research into the candidates in your district:

Bob Vander Plaats


Find your polling place here.



U.S. Senate (statewide race)

Republican Democrat
Sam Clovis Bruce Braley
Joni Ernst
Mark Jacobs
Scott Schaben
Matt Whitaker









U.S. Representative

districtmapnewMap of Iowa’s U.S. Representative (Congressional) Districts. Click for a larger version.

District 1

Republican Democrat
Ron Blum Swati Dandekar
Gail E. Boliver Anesa Kajtazovic
Steve Rathje Pat Murphy
Dave O’Brien
Monica Vernon






District 2

Republican Democrat
Mark S. Lofgren Dave Loebsack
Mariannette Miller-Meeks
Matthew C Waldren





District 3

Republican Democrat
Robert Cramer Staci Appel
Joe Grandanette
Matt Schultz
Monte Shaw
David Young
Brad Zaun







District 4

Republican Democrat
Steve King Jim Mowrer