SCOTUS: No More Nun-Bullying

SCOTUS: No More Nun-Bullying


The Obama administration cannot enforce the Affordable Care Act’s contraception coverage requirements against a Catholic nuns’ order for the time being, if the nuns tell the government they object to providing that coverage, the Supreme Court ruled Friday afternoon.

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TFL covered this story several weeks ago.

TFL’s Chuck Hurley said of the decision:

We thank God for this just court decision.  Even the liberal-leaning, pro-abortion US Supreme Court saw the Obama Administration’s nun-bullying as over-the-top.  It doesn’t get much lower than forcing meek, vow-of-poverty-poor nuns to pay for abortion-causing chemicals, against their most deeply-held religious and humanitarian beliefs.  Let’s hope that eventually ALL the aggrieved parties to the over 90 lawsuits against Obamacare’s abortion-drug mandate will receive justice, and their religious liberties will be protected.