SCOTUS Rules on Marriage

SCOTUS Rules on Marriage


The Family Leader CEO, Bob Vander Plaats, comments on the decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court Wednesday on the federal Defense of Marriage Act in United States v. Windsor, and the Proposition 8 case, Hollingsworth v. Perry.

Bob Vander Plaats said, “It is important to remember this is not the Roe v. Wade of marriage.  It does not authorize so-called “same-sex” marriage across the board and does not grant a civil right to marriage.  Both Supreme Court opinions have recognized that marriage is a state issue, and need to be decided at that level.  Iowans have yet to make that decision for themselves.”

Vander Plaats applauded Justice Roberts when Roberts stated that “We are judges, not policy makers.”  This confirms that the Iowa Supreme Court exceeded its Constitutional authority by forcing same-sex “marriage” on Iowa.

Vander Plaats continued, “We are disappointed that Justice Kennedy rationalized the decision he wanted to reach in determining that DOMA is unconstitutional.   We agree with the dissenting opinion, especially Justice Scalia, where he rightfully blasted Kennedy for not using a “rational basis” or “strict scrutiny” in reaching his opinion.

The definition of marriage affects everyone, is foundational to our society, and Iowans need to decide for themselves how marriage will be defined.  The Family Leader will continue to defend and protect marriage at every opportunity.

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