happy family and pregnancy. daughter playing doctor stethoscope and listens to her mother's pregnant belly

SHARE the “heartbeat” of life!


This February, Iowa lawmakers are proposing a bill that would ban abortions after a baby’s heartbeat can be detected.

This is YOUR chance to send a Valentine’s Day message from the heart! Heartbeat, that is.

The Iowa Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders has launched a social media campaign through Facebook so you can help spread the word that if a baby’s heart is beating, she’s alive, and she deserves to be protected!

Make HER your valentine this year. Tell others, “She’s a baby!”

Just go to The FAMiLY LEADER Facebook page by clicking here, then click the SHARE button on any or all of the heartbeat messages, like those pictured below:

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While heartbeat legislation still falls short of the gold standard of protecting every life from fertilization, this bill could nonetheless save thousands of babies from abortion in Iowa every year.

The FAMiLY LEADER will continue to press for the gold standard, but until the day ALL life in the womb is protected, we can still agree: If her heart is beating … she’s alive!

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To help support the #ShesABaby movement, visit www.ShesABaby.com and donate today!