Standing strong: Responding to common questions about the SCOTUS opinion

Standing strong: Responding to common questions about the SCOTUS opinion


Is this “the law of the land?”
This case is not the law of the Land. Five men and women can’t change that which God established. God defined marriage as the union of a man and woman (Matt. 19:4-6; Gen. 1:27-28). A government that recognizes marriage to be whatever anybody says it is ignores the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God.

Furthermore, the Constitution delegates legislative authority to Congress (U.S. Const. Art. I, Sec. 1), not the Court, so no Court opinion should rightly be called the “law of the land.”

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Should the government “get out of marriage”?
The government is called to enforce justice, punishing evil and praising good (Rom. 13, 1 Peter 2:14). In upholding biblical marriage, government praises a good that aids society by reducing crime, increasing educational attainment, and encouraging economic well-being for children and families. Furthermore, laws involving custody of children, inheritance, and child neglect all intersect with marriage law and protect individuals from abuse and neglect. Government cannot cease to be involved in marriage.

How should I show love to those who celebrate this decision?
People are not defined by their sexuality, but by the fact that they are image bearers of God (Gen. 1:27). As such, Christians must recognize the inherent worth of all people and care for them in accordance with the commands of God (Matt. 22:39; Phil. 2:3-4) and the fruits of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23).

Yet sin also mars that image and separates all of us from God. All of us need Christ. We ache for all those who have not yet received the joy of a new life in Christ, and we desire that all should come to Him. We recognize that love for God means we must keep His commandments (John 14:15), and love for our neighbor means we must tell them the truth about the need for the Savior and the hope of salvation.

As citizens and participants in the political life of our country, we should firmly oppose those leaders who continue to reject God’s design for the family and who celebrate sin. We should pray for those who are against us, and we should stand boldly for the truth for the glory of God and the good of our nation (Prov. 14:34).

Do you feel like you have lost?
Christianity was born into a Roman culture of sinful decadence. But the power of God through the church turned that decadent world upside down (Acts 17:6). While we grieve for our nation, we also remember that our mission is to preach the gospel, baptize, and make disciples. We only lose if we fail to remain faithful to God and His Word.

What can we do?
Pray for revival. Share the gospel. Be ready always to give an answer for the hope that is in us. We now have a great opportunity to show Christ’s light in our churches, homes, and the state. We much preach the whole counsel of God and encourage our churches to speak truth to our elected officials. We must be faithful to our spouses and families. And we must vote, run for office, and seek to be involved in government at all levels.

Don’t lose heart!
Our challenge now is to love God and our neighbor like never before. We no longer cling to a “once-Christian culture,” but endeavor instead to transform our culture through the power of the Holy Spirit. We must remind people that marriage is a picture of Christ and the church. And finally, once we have put on the whole armor of God, we must do what Paul commanded the Ephesians: having done all … to stand (Eph. 6:10-20).

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