Supreme Court Again Undermines Marriage

Supreme Court Again Undermines Marriage


This court decision flies in the face of common sense, the laws for nature and of nature’s God.  It is further bad fruit from the bad rood of the Varnum opinion, and until We The People get a chance to vote on the definition of marriage, and/or we get a new crop of judges who respect our founders legal foundations, we will probably continue to see these absurd legal results.

No matter what a court rules, The FAMiLY LEADER holds that it is best for kids to have a mom and a dad.  No amount of un-defining marriage will ever change that reality.

Des Moines Register – Justices ruled 6-0 to require that the Iowa Department of Public Health begin listing both married parents on a newborn child’s birth certificate, despite state concerns that biological-based parenting rights would be cast aside if a Des Moines lesbian was allowed to establish paternity of her child. …


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