Well Said. @Chris_Broussard

Chris Broussard was asked by a ESPN reporter what his views on homosexuality were.  So Chris graciously answered.

Well said, Chris, we couldn’t have said it better…


After this dialogue, the Left went nuts and demanded a retraction and apology.  ESPN gave in and apologized for the comment.

The unbelievable hypocrisy coming from the Left is staggering.  While they demand tolerance for homosexuality, at the same time they demand that anyone who doesn’t agree must be silenced.  Where’s the tolerance?

For more of the story:




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Home Run a Solid Hit!

UPDATE from the producers of Home Run:

homerunGame on! HOME RUN left movie industry experts wondering what hit them last weekend as you made this movie the third-highest per-screen average of the top dozen films. That strong showing means HOME RUN will continue on for a second weekend beginning tomorrow in more than 95 percent of its theaters!

Keep the winning streak going: make plans now to see HOME RUN with a group of friends tonight or this weekend. As Cory tells Tyler in the movie, “Nothing great happens when you hold back.”


TFL covered the release of Home Run on April 15:


We encourage you and your church family to go support positive, family-friendly films like Home Run, which opens on April 19:

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