It’s Not About the Cake

~ by David Barnett

Now widely reported by non-traditional media, and largely ignored by the major media outlets, a Colorado judge has ruled that a bakery owner must violate his religious beliefs and bake a cake for homosexual aggressors or pay a fine so large it would drive him out of business.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again — you will be made to care.

Ironically, even the Colorado Constitution clearly states that “Only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as marriage in this state.”  However, a citizen who actually believes that, must now be punished and relegated to be a 2nd rate citizen who’s rights are not guaranteed and protected by the Constitution.

The right to free speech and freedom of religion as guaranteed by the First Amendment has been ruled by an activist judge to be subject to the feelings of a particular people group.  Judge Spencer said in the ruling:

“It may seem reasonable that a private business should be able to refuse service to anyone it chooses,” he ruled. “This view, however, fails to take into account the cost to society and the hurt caused to persons who are denied service simply because of who they are.”

Translation: “Because they might feel bad, this baker and other Christians like him, must forfeit their right to religious liberty.”

So, let me get this straight – in order to get a cake, these two guys sued a baker, and had his first amendment rights stripped away?

Somehow, I don’t think this is about cake…

Let me remind you again:  You will be made to care.

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ENDA Threatens Fundamental Civil Liberties

Anderson_RyanRyan T. Anderson at The Heritage Foundation wrote an extensive piece on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 2013, and how it threatens fundamental First Amendment rights.  The Abstract is below, click here to see the article…


All citizens should oppose unjust discrimination, but the Employment Non-Discrimination Act of 2013 is not the way to achieve that goal. ENDA threatens fundamental First Amendment rights. It creates new, subjective protected classes that will expose employers to unimaginable liability. Furthermore, ENDA would increase government interference in labor markets in ways that could harm the economy. Yet ENDA’s damage is not only economic: It would further weaken the marriage culture and the freedom of citizens and their associations to affirm their religious or moral convictions, such as that marriage is the union of one man and one woman and that maleness and femaleness are not arbitrary constructs but objective ways of being human. ENDA would treat expressing these beliefs in an employment context as actionable discrimination.


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‘Silent Night’ Silent No More

wausauSchoolLogo_1_jpg_475x310_q85On October 8, Todd Starnes at Fox News reported that the Wausau, Wis. School District was cracking down on the religious music preformed at Christmas concerts.  They proposed three options: 1. A strict five-to-one ratio of secular to sacred songs,  2.  Eliminate all sacred songs, or 3.  Postpone the December concerts.

In response, choir director Phil Buch announced the terms were unacceptable and that he was temporarily disbanding the school’s elite choir.

“This group sings at Christmas programs,” he said. “We sing for nursing homes, grade schools, businesses. To do that without Christmas music doesn’t make sense.”

The district also defended the cancellation of all elementary school Christmas programs and said it had nothing to do with religion. They said teachers needed more class time to prepare the children for testing.

Tedesco, Jeremy (ADF)However, today OneNewsNow reported that after the parents and community raised their voices, the school district “backed off that completely” and are “going to do the right thing,” ADF attorney Jeremy Tedesco explained. The school district will now allow principals and music directors the freedom to determine music in programs.

Tedesco says it’s unfortunate that many public school administrators and school boards believe that religious songs can’t be performed at public schools.  “Every court that’s looked at this issue has said as long as those songs are included as part of an objective aspect of a holiday or Christmas program, it’s not constitutionally problematic,” say Tedesco. 

The FAMiLY LEADER encourages parents and everyday citizens to consider running for school board because these decisions directly impact the education of the next generation.  This story also shows that by working together, you can make a positive, conservative difference in your community.


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