TFL Responds: Utah Gay Marriage on Ice

On Monday, the US Supreme Court granted a request for a stay on a ruling by U.S. District Court Judge Robert J. Shelby, who ruled on December 20 Utah’s state law affirming marriage being between a man and a woman is unconstitutional.  The state of Utah applied for a stay with the 10th Circuit Court three times, but were denied every time.  They then were forced to then apply for a stay with Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who referred the request to the whole court.

TN_Bob3“The FAMiLY LEADER and I applaud the leadership of Utah’s Governor for challenging an activist judge’s opinion to usurp the will of the people regarding God’s design for family with the union of one man/one woman marriage,” said Bob Vander Plaats, President and CEO of The FAMiLY LEADER.  “People understand that courts and judges don’t get to make law, don’t have the power to execute law nor do they have the privilege of amending our constitution. The power belongs to ‘we the people’ not ‘we the courts.'”


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Pennsylvania Fights for Marriage!

pennsylvania2In a bellwether case for states trying to preserve gay-marriage bans in a fast-shifting legal landscape, Pennsylvania officials are arguing that the Supreme Court’s decision this summer and the Obama administration’s approach should not undercut the state’s ability to enforce its own marriage laws.

Photo by: Matt Rourke
Photo by: Matt Rourke

State officials said in a legal brief filed this week that Gov. Tom Corbett, a Republican, and the state’s health secretary should be dropped as defendants in a federal case filed in July by nearly two dozen state residents over the gay-marriage ban, arguing that state officials are immune to being sued in federal court without their consent.  More…

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CA Senate Votes to Revoke Scouts Tax Status

Calif. Senate: Scouts didn’t go far enough

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (BP) — Less than a week after the Boy Scouts changed its policy to allow gay-identifying youth, the California Senate passed a law that would revoke the organization’s tax-exempt status if it doesn’t also allow gay leaders.

The bill is aimed at all tax-exempt youth organizations, but it was evident from the get-go — when Democratic state Sen. Ricardo Lara introduced the bill in February — that the Scouts were the primary target. more…

Leadership often requires doing something that is not what is culturally “popular” or perceived as what is most “acceptable.”  In this case, California Senators are following the culture, and are neglecting their responsibility to ensure that the family is strengthened to best serve the next generation.

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WATCH: Bob Discusses Marriage with Sen. McCoy

Bob Vander Plaats and Senator Matt McCoy discussed the importance of marriage and family in the wake of a formerly-unknown NBA player, Jason Collins announcing he was now part of the homosexual lifestyle.  Bob pointed out:

  • Any sex outside of marriage is against the heart of God.
  • No one opposed to the homosexual lifestyle has called for him to resign from basketball.
  • Sex within marriage is the healthiest and best way to live.
  • The FAMiLY LEADER is about championing the gold standard – we want only the best for Iowa’s families.


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Part 2:

  • Why same-sex “marriage” exists.
  • What happens when you undefine marriage?
  • What does it say about a party if they change their position on a foundational issue like marriage?

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Part 3:

  • Why TFL is involved opposing a casino in Warren County.
  • Why gambling hurts families.
  • What impact gambling has in a community.


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Part 4:

  • Why the Senate investigation of Kent Sorenson needs to be put to rest quickly.
  • What impact this investigation could have on the Iowa Caucuses.

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Part 5:

Predictions!  What would happen if the US Supreme Court overturns marriage.

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Supreme Court Again Undermines Marriage

This court decision flies in the face of common sense, the laws for nature and of nature’s God.  It is further bad fruit from the bad rood of the Varnum opinion, and until We The People get a chance to vote on the definition of marriage, and/or we get a new crop of judges who respect our founders legal foundations, we will probably continue to see these absurd legal results.

No matter what a court rules, The FAMiLY LEADER holds that it is best for kids to have a mom and a dad.  No amount of un-defining marriage will ever change that reality.

Des Moines Register – Justices ruled 6-0 to require that the Iowa Department of Public Health begin listing both married parents on a newborn child’s birth certificate, despite state concerns that biological-based parenting rights would be cast aside if a Des Moines lesbian was allowed to establish paternity of her child. …


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Lincoln: Don’t Allow “Eminent Tribunal”

schlaflyphyllisBy Phyllis Schlafly, Founder and President of the Eagle Forum –

“The U.S. Supreme Court is right now holding in its hands the issue that can make or break America.  Within a few weeks, the Court will hand down its decision on the definition of Marriage, and it is expected to be binding on all our 50 states.  The Court has before it two cases.  In one case, the homosexuals are asking the Court to declare unconstitutional the Defense of Marriage Act, known as DOMA.  It was passed by overwhelming majorities of Congress in 1996 and signed by President Clinton.  It simply declares that in all reference in federal law to marriage (of which there are more than 1,000), marriage means the union of a man and a woman.  The other case came from California .  California voters, in a statewide referendum, passed Proposition 8 defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman.  The homosexuals got two federal courts to declare that referendum vote unconstitutional, and Prop 8 sponsors have appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold the vote of the people.”

“Let me tell you a little history.  You know I fought the Equal Rights Amendment for ten years against incredible odds.  The most decisive vote in those ten years was in the Illinois State Legislature in 1980.  The ERAers had announced that the ERA would pass that day and that would end the fight.  All the media, all the TV networks, were in the balcony of the Legislature expecting to film their victory.  We had done all our lobbying, but we knew we were still short of votes.  Illinois votes electronically, and it was very tense as the votes lit up the board.  That day, God brought us two votes from Chicago Democrats who had never voted with us before, and we won.  ABC immediately put the feminist leader, Eleanor Smeal, in front of the TV camera and said, “You told us that you had the votes.  Why didn’t you win?”  She replied, “There was something, very powerful against us, and I don’t mean people.”  That’s right.   We had something, Someone, very powerful on our side who delivered the two votes we needed.”

“That’s what we are asking God to do for us now.  Find and deliver the votes we need to preserve your definition of marriage.   We need His help.  And we need you to ask Him for help.  And we need you to go to your pastor and ask your pastor to ask his congregation to pray that the Court upholds Marriage.”

“We must pray for God to enlighten any swing votes to persuade them to uphold marriage the way the Lord ordained it.  But we do have to give some thought to what we will do if the Court throws out traditional marriage and opens it up to any people who want to live together.  I don’t like thinking about that possibility, but we probably should.  For guidance, I suggest we look at Abraham Lincoln’s First Inaugural Address, where he dealt with the worst Supreme Court decision in history, the infamous Dred Scott decision.  The Supreme Court ruled wrong in that case, holding that a man who traveled to other states had to be protected in his property right of owning the slave, named Dred Scott.”

“Abe Lincoln was eloquent.  He first of all admitted that a Supreme Court decision would be binding on the parties to a case.  But then he said that we should consider such an erroneous decision limited to that particular case and never let it become a precedent for other cases, with the hope that it may one day be overruled.  Then he made this important pronouncement: “If the policy of the government upon vital questions affecting the whole people is to be irrevocably fixed by decisions of the Supreme Court, the instant they are made in ordinary litigation between parties in person actions, the people will have ceased to be their own rulers, having to that extent practically resigned their government into the hands of that eminent tribunal.”

“In other words, if the Supreme Court makes such an erroneous decision on such vital questions as slavery, or the definition of marriage, we will no longer be a self-governing people but a nation ruled by “that eminent tribunal.”  And that, we cannot allow to happen.”

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Bob’s March for Marriage

On Monday, March 26th, Bob participated in the March for Marriage in Washington D.C. He not only took part in the march, but also spoke before the crowd on the Mall. Below is his video as well as the transcript. A link to NOM’s Montage of all the speeches that day, and then a video of Bob recounting his experience when he returned home.

[youtube_sc url=”″ title=”Bob%20Vander%20Plaats%20speaks%20at%20the%20March%20for%20Marriage%20in%20Washington%20D.C.” color=”white” rel=”0″ showinfo=”0″]


We are here today because too many “so called” leaders have backed away from the microphone when it was their turn to speak. I am honored to stand with you today to give voice to the institution of marriage.

Let me begin where I will end: God designed it, nature reveals it and science validates it. Marriage is for one man and one woman.

This may be why Billy Graham expressed, “I can’t believe we’re discussing the definition of marriage, it is clear.”

And why the freshly inaugurated Pope, Pope Francis, emphasizes the clarity of marriage and says efforts to redefine it are an effort to “thwart God’s plan.”

It is the norm for politicians to toss from poll to poll as they gauge cultural winds for personal gain. Thus, I urge the SCOTUS to look to the principled leadership of Graham and Pope Francis versus the posturing of politicians.

In Iowa, we witnessed the net effect when a court usurps the will of the people. The people noticed and the people responded…removing justices from the bench.

Besides losing justices from bench, Iowa’s courts continue to have a severe credibility chasm with the people it serves.

Iowans understands that it is the congress that makes the law, the president that executes the law, and it is only the people who get to amend the constitution. Not the courts!

Thus, it is wise for this court to uphold DOMA. Using the same logic of this court as it pertains to the constitutionality of Obama Care…the congress passed it.

And, in America, there is no other option but to uphold the people’s vote in the great state of California.

Usurping the people’s vote and voice will send a collective shiver down America’s freedom spine. This will signal the height of judicial arrogance that places all of our freedoms up for grabs to an unelected court.

Founder Jefferson forewarned us about Oligarchial rule. We should avoid it all costs. This is what our Founder ‘s fled!

On every horizon, our country is in a fragile status. It would be unwise to add to this fragility, a constitutional crisis.

We need to respect our courts. Thus, I urge you to exercise judicial restraint.

One last thing as it pertains to principled leadership.

Iowa goes first in the presidential process. I assure you, on behalf of The FAMiLY LEADER, we will activate sll resources and efforts to launch a candidate who embraces marriage as:

God-established it, as nature reveals it, and as science substantiates it…one man/one woman.

May God Bless America and may we honor Him with principled leadership and policies that blesses Him!

~ Bob Vander Plaats


National Organization for Marriage Montage Video of those who spoke on the Mall

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Bob’s experience at March for Marriage

Bob relates his experience being part of the March for Marriage – including what Bob calls, a very “tense situation!”

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