Are These Comments Ignorant?

Yesterday, Senator Dennis Guth used the upcoming Day of Dialogue, held this Thursday, April 18, in schools all across America, to highlight the importance of strong families in Iowa.  Senator Guth made a very compelling case for God’s design for marriage and family.  Here’s Senator Guth’s comments:

However, the extreme Left didn’t think that dialogue about marriage was a good idea.  About ten minutes after Guth’s comments, Senator Matt McCoy, Iowa’s only openly homosexual Senator, stood and made the following comments and accusations:

Is standing for one-man, one-woman marriage ignorance?  Really? Really? Really?

The Day of Dialogue is purposed for civil discussion regarding pertinent issues facing Iowans. The institution of marriage is a pertinent issue to Iowans and Americans and is worthy of civil dialogue. The FAMiLY LEADER is clear in our mission of, “Strengthening Families….” as it relates to marriage. Marriage is the union of one man and one woman. Children are best raised by a mom and a dad. God instituted it…nature clearly reveals it…and science overwhelmingly substantiates it.

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