TFL on TV: Pro-aborts target Iowa as ‘ground zero’ in 2018 election


Following a press conference by the radically pro-abortion group NARAL Pro-Choice America at the Iowa Capitol, TV news stations turned to The FAMiLY LEADER for a pro-life response.

NARAL had pledged to bring outside influence, including “tens of thousands of … phone calls [and] postcards,” to Iowa to unseat Iowa’s pro-life legislators and governor.

“Iowa right now is ground zero,” the pro-abortion group declared.

But for pro-life Iowans, NARAL’s arguments for abortion completely fail to address the most critical issue in the abortion debate – namely, the rights, worth, and dignity of the unborn child.

“Despite all those arguments,” said TFL Vice President and Chief Counsel Chuck Hurley, “there’s one truth that can’t be argued away: That that little child in her mother’s womb, she’s a baby.”

Watch TFL’s Chuck Hurley in coverage from WHO-TV by clicking the image below:

180827 chuck on WHO

Thanks to the ultrasound, Hurley said, “So many pregnant mothers share their ultrasound pictures, even videos, and we all know now, seeing is believing that that child in her mother’s womb, she’s a baby.”

Technology that enables us all to see into the womb is part of the reason, Hurley affirmed, that despite the “long-term struggle” over abortion in America, “We believe that life will win.”

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