TFL shines The Truth on LGBTQ Conference

TFL shines The Truth on LGBTQ Conference


The FAMiLY LEADER’s new director of communications, Drew Zahn, visited with J. Michael “Mac” McKoy of 99.3, The Truth Network, about the 10th Annual Governor’s Conference on LGBTQ Youth in Altoona, Iowa, on April 3.

Not familiar with the shocking content presented to Iowa’s schoolchildren at this conference? Click here to learn more.

At the heart of the interview – eyewitness transcripts of what was presented at the conference and how the confluence of LGBTQ issues and bullying is blowing up in our schools.

Watch the webcast with Drew Zahn, Mac McKoy, Frank “The Verse” Thomas, and Frank Meeink of Life After Hate below:

(Note: Some of the content of this interview is explicit in nature. Parental caution is advised.)

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