TFL’s Capitol Connection, Ep. 1: “Life looms large”


The FAMiLY LEADER’s Bob Vander Plaats, Chuck Hurley, and Danny Carroll sat down to discuss the first week of the 2018 Iowa legislative session:

The discussion opened with a review of Gov. Kim Reynolds’ Condition of the State Address, which Chuck called the best he’d seen in 27 years of work at the Capitol, highlighting the governor’s passion when talking about life. Danny, however, offered a note of caution that Reynolds celebrating last year’s successes is not the same as promising further action.

The discussion then turned to the 2018 Election, which Chuck and Danny can already detect is infusing everything happening at the Capitol. Legislators’ antennae are on “high alert” that they may only have one year left to “swing big” on pending legislation, while at the same time being wary of “swinging too big,” lest they leave themselves vulnerable politically.

Finally, Chuck and Danny talked about three major issues the The FAMiLY LEADER is focusing on:

Life: According to Chuck, “Life looms large” at the Capitol this year, with several bills already being proposed. “We think we’ve got a shot at saving some babies’ lives this year,” Chuck declared.

Religious liberty: When the University of Iowa decertified a Christian student group for requiring its leaders to adhere to biblical sexuality, Danny noted, it “caught the attention” of several legislators. But while these lawmakers may seek to push for First Amendment protections, Danny also noted that large Iowa corporation Principal Financial has already disclosed its No. 1 legislative priority this session is to resist religious freedom legislation.

School choice: Chuck shared the reason school choice is so personal to him and explained why he is “very hopeful parents will have more choices at the end of this legislative year.”

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