TFL’s Capitol Connection, Ep.3: “Teaching, not preaching”


The FAMiLY LEADER’s Drew Zahn and Danny Carroll sat down to discuss the third week of the 2018 Iowa legislative session:

Two top developments this week came on the issues of religious liberty and teaching the Bible in schools.

Religious liberty: Danny reveals that the Business Leaders in Christ, or BLinC, students at the University of Iowa have won a temporary injunction in court, allowing them to continue their student group … for now. A final ruling on the case is still down the road. Meanwhile, lawmakers are contemplating legislation similar to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or RFRA, which places higher standards on the state when it believes a “compelling interest” supersedes an individual’s religious freedom.

Bibles in school: Actually reading from the bill, Danny clarifies that a proposed law instructing the state Board of Education to enact rules for teaching the Bible in public schools isn’t nearly as threatening as opponents suggest. The guidelines are clear that the elective course must be about “teaching, not preaching” the Bible, and Drew points out that over 600 high schools in more than 40 states are already teaching similar classes. A subcommittee has been assigned to review the bill in the coming days, so stay tuned …

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