TFL’s Capitol Connection, Ep. 4: “This might save 95% of babies”


Exciting news from the Iowa State Capitol! The FAMiLY LEADER’s Bob Vander Plaats sat down with Family Policy Advocates Chuck Hurley and Danny Carroll to discuss the fourth week of the 2018 Iowa legislative session:

The top topics in this week’s discussion included:

Life: Danny shared that TFL will be registering in support of a bill being filed that would ban all abortions after a baby’s heartbeat can be detected! It’s important to note that TFL continues to recognize and advocate that life begins at fertilization, but we will also work to save as many babies’ lives as we can until the day that truth is honored. As Chuck pointed out, so long as the bill isn’t amended to include various exceptions, “This might save 95 percent of [babies from] abortions!”

Bible in schools: Both Chuck and Danny testified before a subcommittee this week that considered guidelines for teaching an elective Bible literacy class in public high schools. “Slam dunk, we made the case [the course] is constitutional,” Chuck said, and the bill passed subcommittee. When asked if such a class would benefit students, Danny quoted a Martin Luther King Jr. speech in which the civil rights activist quotes the Bible’s Book of Amos. “Unless you know your Bible,” Danny pointed out, “you don’t know the Reverend Martin Luther King.”

Religious liberty: Following a 1990 Supreme Court decision that ignored 200 years of American history, the U.S. Senate passed by a 98-2 margin a federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act to put the Court back in its place. President Bill Clinton signed it. But fear mongering and political correctness has made getting such a bill passed at the state level in 2018 a real challenge. In this video, Danny explains why such a bill is “common sense, shouldn’t be that big of a deal.” And yet it is. You can also click here to watch Chuck defend the issue on a KCCI News report.

The spiritual temperature at the Capitol: In 27 years at the Capitol, Chuck has been to hundreds of legislator Bible studies. But a study this week led by Sen. Jim Carlin, Chuck says, was “one of the best ever.” With a near record crowd, the Thursday morning Bible studies are open to the public and evidence that “hearts are softening at the Capitol”

School choice: In the discussion, Bob mentioned a video commentary he recently filmed on school choice. Watch the full video below:

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