TFL’s Capitol Connection, Ep. 6: Fast and furious “funnel” action!


“Funnel” week is when the rubber meets the road at the Iowa Capitol, and this past week was funnel week! TFL’s Drew Zahn, Danny Carroll, and Chuck Hurley explain what happened in perhaps the biggest week in the entire legislative process:

On the life front, Drew and Chuck specifically broke down the incredible success of the “Heartbeat bill,” which, if passed into law, would ban in Iowa all abortions after a baby’s heartbeat can be detected!

While we’re thrilled the bill has made it through a Senate committee and the “funnel” week, the “Heartbeat bill” still has five more hurdles needed before it becomes law. Your prayers and your support will still be needed if Iowa is to pass this measure, saving thousands of babies and their mothers from the horror of abortion every year.

Chuck also told the story of a young, discouraged lawmaker whose bills did not survive the “funnel.” Yet Chuck encouraged him, explaining why this session has so far been one of the most successful and most exciting he’s seen in 27 years at the Capitol! Watch the video above to see why Chuck would make such a bold statement.

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