TFL’s Capitol Connection, Ep. 7: Pray and prepare


There may be a lull in the Iowa Legislature right now, but it’s the quiet before a storm. In this week’s Capitol Connection, Chuck Hurley and Drew Zahn explain why now is a time for urgent prayer and preparation:

Chuck gives an update on two bills in particular – the “Heartbeat bill,” SF 2281, and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, SF 2338 – both of which have passed out of Senate committee, but need to pass House committee before the “second funnel” date of March 16 if they’re to have any chance of becoming law this session.

Chuck also explains that while our hearts are grieving over the 17 children killed in a school shooting in Florida, our hearts also grieve over the roughly 17 children who are killed in abortions every day in Iowa.

Stopping abortions after a baby’s heart is beating, however, will face a tough road ahead if it’s to become law. That’s why, as Drew says, “A battle is coming, a storm is coming,” and your prayers and prepared attention are needed now.

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