TFL’s Capitol Connection, Ep. 9: Bill fates decided at “second funnel”


Multiple life and religious liberty bills became the focus of the Iowa Legislature this week as the “second funnel” deadline struck midnight. The FAMiLY LEADER’s Nathan Oppman and Danny Carroll discuss what survived the funnel and what didn’t:

Danny shared a number of bills that did NOT make it through committee in time for the final “funnel” deadline of the 2018 Legislative session:

  • A Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which would instruct the courts to give religious liberty a fair hearing in court and require government to use the “least restrictive” means possible of resolving religious liberty disputes.
  • The Forum Act, which would preserve religious liberty on college campuses, especially in light of the University of Iowa’s decision to decertify the Business Leaders in Christ student group at the Iowa City campus.
  • A “wrongful birth” bill that would restrict parents from suing their doctors when their babies are born with birth defects or handicaps.

One bill that DID make it through the deadline, however, is a bill that would BOTH ban the sale of fetal body parts and ban abortions after a baby’s fetal heartbeat can be detected.

This double life bill, however, still faces some big hurdles, including a public hearing that will be scheduled for next week. Danny Carroll explains the details in the video above.

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