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Below are links to the 2017 Family Leadership Summit breakout sessions:

“On the Road to Living Like Jesus” with George Barna

Most modern-day disciples of Christ want to live like Jesus but struggle to do so. Barna’s research on life transformation reveals that we can map the journey to wholeness, discovering what it takes to live like Jesus. Join the bestselling author and veteran researcher as he shares insights from his research among more than 17,000 Americans regarding their faith journey.
George Barna is executive director of the American Culture and Faith Institute.


“Elections and Policy” with Chuck Hurley, Danny Carroll

Government officials are called “ministers of God” in Scripture. We see Christian involvement in civics as a missionary endeavor. And part of TFL’s mission is to “impact elections and influence policy.” To that end, we encourage faithful, capable Christians to run for and serve in elected office. And once in office, they need our support and encouragement in the rough and tumble world of governing. In this session, we will discuss the electoral process, how to run for office, and how to support those who run. Finally, we will discuss the legislative process and provide an insider view of how laws are made.
Chuck Hurley and Danny Carroll are veteran lobbyists and family advocates for The FAMiLY LEADER.

“(Contrary to the Views of Some) The Bible Speaks Clearly to Public Policy Issues” with Pastor Jim Garlow

Jim Garlow is the Senior Pastor at Skyline Church in San Diego, California.

“She’s a Baby,” with a panel of Iowa pro-life leaders

The rallying cry of “She’s a Baby” compelled Iowa’s elected leaders in 2017 to pass more pro-life legislation than in any session since Roe v. Wade. Get a behind-the-scenes look at this historic movement and learn from Iowa leaders ministering to women across the state how you can join the ongoing, inspiring work to protect preborn babies and care for their mothers.
The discussion will be led by Drew Zahn, director of communications for

“Winning the Secret Battle of Ideas over America’s Future” with Dr. Jeff Myers

We’re in a battle of competing ideas. The relentless, coordinated attacks of false worldviews are making headway, even among churchgoing Christians. In this breakout session, Dr. Jeff Myers draws from his new book, “The Secret Battle of Ideas About God,” which Eric Metaxas calls “brilliant and compelling,” to help you (1) memorably understand the ideas we’re up against, (2) gain confidence in the truth that Jesus reveals, (3) get people to trust and listen to you, and (4) persuade people to embrace the truth – even if they’re hostile to your point of view.
Dr. Jeff Myers is president of Summit Ministries.

“Living on Borrowed Time: The Nine Practices of the Proactive Parent” with Steve Scheibner

As a pilot for American Airlines, Steve was originally scheduled to be the co-pilot on AA Flight 11, the first flight to be hijacked on Sept. 11, 2001. Through an extraordinary set of divine circumstances, Steve was bumped from that flight the night before by a more senior pilot. Now, he tells his deeply moving story of God’s providence on that terrible day in our history. Discover why God gave Steve a second chance and now uses him to teach parents all around the world to parent with purpose and urgency as he introduces you to “The Nine Practices of The Proactive Parent.” Intensely practical and Bible based, The Nine Practices are designed to give parents both tools and hope to build a Christ-centered, character-driven home environment.
Dr. Steve Scheibner is president of Characterhealth Corporation.


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