The FAMiLY LEADER responds to defense of LGBTQ Conference

The FAMiLY LEADER responds to defense of LGBTQ Conference


Iowa Safe Schools has issued multiple statements since attendees of the 10th annual Iowa Governors Conference on LGBTQ Youth exposed obscene and sexually explicit content at the event.

Read the Fox News column that blew the cover off this startling story.

What Iowa Safe Schools has not done, however, is issue any sort of apology or admission of error. Iowa Safe Schools has issued no condemnation, for example, of the presenter who instructed LGBTQ kids at an “anti-bullying” conference to “slash the tires” of their fellow students.

Iowa Safe Schools would like to suggest that despite profanity-strewn and admittedly graphic, explicit presentations, that the Governors Conference is still, on the whole, a benefit to Iowa students.

The FAMiLY LEADER questions the judgment of exposing children as young as 8th grade to this kind of material. Clearly a conference that encourages children to lick one another’s anuses and use hormone-altering drugs to delay their puberty is placing other priorities above keeping kids “safe.” Clearly a conference that teaches children to ridicule those who hold altering viewpoints on same-sex marriage and “slash their tires” is placing other priorities above “anti-bullying.”

The FAMiLY LEADER believes that Iowa’s school boards, teachers, and administrators have a right to know the kind of content they are sponsoring and would suggest that there are better methods for addressing the problem of bullying in schools and better methods of keeping our kids safe than allowing presenters with this little discretion and decency to instruct Iowa’s children.