The If 7:14 Call

 On Sunday, July 13, The FAMiLY LEADER, along with spiritual leaders in the Quad Cities, hosted The If 7:14 CallThe Call — and inaugural event for believers — focused on the need for prayer, repentance, and renewed focus on seeking God’s face.

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The If 7:14 Call featured special guest Chuck Norris and and concert by the Newsboys! To view the first half of the program, click here . Of note, the second half was the Newsboys concert and its portion of the video has been omitted due to copyright requirements.


As an event recap, Linda Cook at the Quad City Times covered the event and wrote a tremendous article and got some fantastic photos! 

Read the article here… 


See the pictures here…



Bob Vander Plaats, the author of “If 7:14” started off the evening and cast the vision for the If 7:14 initiative, encouraging everyone to get plugged in.



The turnout was incredible! Thousands participated in person and through the live webcast. An added bonus was the large percentage of those attending were under the age of 30!


After Bob cast the vision, there was a time of prayer, led by local ministry leaders.  They prayed for our world, our nation, our families, the media, and our churches.10443117_10152257635677799_3624405252668791670_o

The leaders instructed the audience to break up into small groups and pray. This was enthusiastically embraced by all.


Then, right before the concert, Chuck and Gena Norris came out on stage and shared how they came to salvation. Chuck shared his passion for the If 7:14 initiative.10497240_10152257636847799_9093369194675192696_o


The Newsboys took the stage and gave a powerful concert. The music pointed the crowd back to revival, starting with believers.





At 7:14 p.m. the hall came to a hush as Michael Tait led the audience in prayer for our nation, for our families, and for our individual spiritual walks.


Post-show pictures (how cool is this line-up!?).


 Keep praying at 7:14!