The Iowa Capitol Project


Iowa capitol project

What is the Iowa Capitol Project?

During the Iowa legislative session, The FAMiLY LEADER has four lobbyists who serve at the Capitol as missionaries.

Ministry activities at the Capitol include:

1)      Sharing the Scriptures and what God has to say about particular issues

2)      Sharing the Gospel

3)      Building relationships with legislators, lobbyists, and state employees

4)      Encouraging brothers and sisters in Christ who are serving in government

5)      Bible studies and The Truth Project

6)      Weekly/daily prayer meetings


The FAMiLY LEADER is working to bring more and more believers to the Capitol. We are asking pastors and congregants across this state to join us. Our goal is to have a group of ministers at the Capitol every single day legislators are in session, and we are calling this effort the Iowa Capitol Project. With over 5200 churches in Iowa, this effort is very doable.

When pastors come to the Capitol, the first thing they do is meet with The FAMiLY LEADER lobby team in the morning. We bring them up to date on the different pieces of legislation being considered, who is spiritually soft, who their personal legislators are, and who needs prayer. By meeting with us, we are able to bring pastors up to date as if they were there every day. Following the meeting, pastors then go to the House and Senate chambers and we work with them to help them contact their different legislators. It is very easy to contact your legislator in Iowa.

What happens next is just amazing! We see dozens of pastors out in the Capitol rotunda praying, encouraging, building relationships, and sharing God’s Word with legislators and many others. The environment at the Capitol completely changes when these pastors are present. There is less cursing, less back-stabbing, and the place even seems brighter! There is so much spiritual warfare in that building. Whether it is Satan working to divide Christian organizations, back room deals, or organizations like Planned Parenthood pushing wicked policies, these pastors are engaging in this spiritual war, that has taken many captive in Des Moines.

We would love for you to be part of this effort. We understand you have a busy schedule, but you can have an impact just giving one day per session.

Who and How?

Different types of pastor groups have been coming to the Iowa Capitol from all across the state. Groups come by:

  1. Community
  2. Region
  3. Denomination

Regardless of how you come, we need you there. We need you to be the prophet Nathan and represent the church to our government. Encourage them when they do right and correct them when they do wrong. Like you, we want to see the Great Commission fulfilled and our government plays a role in that. As missionaries and members of local churches we are here to help.

How do I start? There are several ways:

1. Pick a date and bring just a few pastors with you and try out a day at the Capitol. We are convinced after a few of you spend a day with us, you will want to invite even more pastors the next year.

2. Invite us to your community or denominational meeting. We will gladly come and make a presentation on the Iowa Capitol Project and your possible role.

3. Contact Greg Baker at our office. 515-263-3495 or