The premise of our liberties

~ By Tamara Scott

We love the July 4th celebrations of our liberties and freedoms. We love the patriotic buzz and the swell in our hearts as stars and stripes pass us by on the parade route.    This year, however, as many Americans sit under the fireworks a growing number admit they  feel they’re losing freedoms.  Just since 2006, Americans have dropped 12 percentage points in feeling they’ve lost freedoms to make choices in their own lives.

Remembering that our Fore Fathers and Founders faced tyrannical governments and issues far more frightening than those we face today.  Remembering they started from scratch, lacking the very framework they gave us.   The foundations that have made us so strong have seemingly been forgotten or so taken for granted that Americans are only now realizing is as they see our freedoms fade.

The good news is Americans are recognizing the loss of liberties.   That’s a great first step in resisting more policies that restrict our freedom and even retaking liberties lost.

Like our Founders, we need to seize the moment.  July 4th is a great opportunity to remind friends and family of the freedoms that have long caused people to cross oceans and rest on our shores.   In between the bar-b-q and sparklers, take time to remember the premise of our liberties and that our inalienable rights are endowed by our Creator.