This Giving Tuesday, give to save a baby’s life

When #GivingTuesday was invented in 2012 as a way of giving to good causes after the shopping bustle of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Americans donated over $10 million to their favorite charities and nonprofits.

In recent years, that number has risen to over 400 million dollars donated on just ONE day!

One week from today, on #GivingTuesday, Americans will again donate hundreds of millions of dollars. But how many of those dollars will be given to save babies’ lives?

Let’s be honest: Many of those donations will go to groups like Planned Parenthood, which actually kills children in the womb.

This #GivingTuesday, will you give to SAVE babies instead?

The 2020 Election actually expanded the pro-life majority in the Iowa Legislature, meaning next year will present a historic opportunity for life in Iowa. Top on the agenda is the Protect Life Amendment, which would defend mothers and children from the Iowa State Supreme Court’s efforts to expand abortion – even to the day of a baby’s birth!

And YOUR gifts this #GivingTuesday will make all the difference as The FAMiLY Leader works with our state lawmakers to take a stand for life.

Don’t forget to give this #GivingTuesday, Dec. 1, or better yet – give TODAY so you don’t forget!

With you, we can pass the Protect Life Amendment. With your support, we can take a stand for life. You have the chance to literally save babies. Please make #GivingTuesday a part of YOUR holiday plans!