Recap of U.S. Senate Family Forum

Recap of U.S. Senate Family Forum



Friday evening, April 25, 6:30pm

Faith Baptist Bible College, Nettleton Center

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Featuring candidates (in alphabetical order)




Erick Erickson from Redstate.comEric Erickson


Governor Terry Branstad

Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds

Senator Charles Grassley

Sukup Family Foundation


The timing of this forum, less than six weeks before the Iowa primary, was critical both to Iowans who are vetting the candidates, and the candidates who are making their case to be our next United States Senator from Iowa.  The purpose of this forum was to find out not only what the candidates believe, but why they believe the way they do.  The U.S. Senate Family Forum also gave Iowans an opportunity to further vet the U.S. Senate candidates in a setting friendly to issues affecting the family.

The U.S. Senate Family Forum attracted lots of media from across the nation.  Here’s some folks who are making a documentary about the politics in Iowa.

IMG_8594 web

We kicked off the Family Forum with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance.  It was good to see a full house praying for God’s blessing on the forum. IMG_8663 web

IMG_8668 web

IMG_8669 web

The attendees were very attentative and responsive to what they heard. IMG_8677 web

We were honored to have Senator Chuck Grassley co-host the Forum and address us for a few minutes. IMG_8681 web

The audience welcomed Senator Grassley with a standing ovation. IMG_8695 web

IMG_8705 web

IMG_8716 web

We were blessed with good media presence covering the event.

IMG_8722 web

In addition, Governor Branstad, Lt. Governor Reynolds and Senator Grassley were Co-Hosts with The FAMiLY LEADER in providing an educational forum whereby Iowans can learn what they need to know about the U.S. Senate candidates.  Our teaming shows Iowans unity within the conservative movement, a united force to be reckoned with on election day.IMG_8724 web

The FAMiLY LEADER President and CEO, Bob Vander Plaats, gave his opening remarks, introduced the candidates and the Forum moderator, Erick Erickson.IMG_8737 web

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IMG_8755 web

We had a very full house!

IMG_8761 web

The moderator for The FAMiLY LEADER’s U.S. Senate Family Forum was Erick Erickson.  Erick is a well-known Fox News contributor, conservative blogger, and editor-in-chief at  Erick Erickson gave a few opening remarks to the audience to set the tone of the Forum. IMG_8822 web

Good discussion by all involved.  You can watch the entire forum here. IMG_8830 web

IMG_8835 web

IMG_8846 web

IMG_8850 web

Looks like the candidates even had a good time!

IMG_8869 web

IMG_8874 web

As a special ‘treat’, an ice cream social reception was provided after the Forum, allowing candidates and attendees to mingle and ask any other questions they had.IMG_8930 web

IMG_8935 web

IMG_8937 web

Thanks to Erick Erickson for a job well done! IMG_8964 web