VIDEO: Bob and LGBTQ activist share message of civility

VIDEO: Bob and LGBTQ activist share message of civility


The FAMiLY LEADER’s Bob Vander Plaats and former One Iowa Director Donna Red Wing, a prominent national voice of LGBTQ activism, have formed an unlikely, but exemplary friendship.

Choosing to approach one another with respect, as neighbors rather than enemies, they have sparked a national interest in restoring civil dialogue, especially in a country so often bitterly divided.

First reported in the Des Moines Register, their friendship has also been reported by the Washington Post and by Mutual of Omaha. Various colleges, as well, have invited Bob and Donna to share with students the secrets of their civil dialogue, a secret Bob sums up in one phrase: “Speaking the truth in love” (Ephesians 4:15).

On March 6, Bob and Donna spoke to students at Des Moines Area Community College, or DMACC, in Ankeny, Iowa. The second video below is a recording of that conversation. The first video was created by Mutual of Omaha to introduce Bob and Donna’s relationship and was frequently referenced at the DMACC event. We recommend you watch the Mutual of Omaha video first:

Mutual of Omaha:


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