VIDEO: Frank Luntz visits TFL on eve of 2020 Caucuses

VIDEO: Frank Luntz visits TFL on eve of 2020 Caucuses


With only days to go before the 2020 Iowa Presidential Caucuses, nationally prominent pollster Frank Luntz brought a group of international students on an immersive trip into American elections to The FAMiLY Leader headquarters in Urbandale, Iowa.

Luntz told TFL the students had visited with presidential hopefuls Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren, and they were about to leave for Washington, D.C., to witness the impeachment hearings for President Trump – but Luntz said their trip to Iowa wouldn’t be complete without visiting The FAMiLY Leader.

“I want them to come to Iowa, because I want them to know the truth – how the caucuses work, I want them to meet the voters of Iowa, I want them to experience an American election,” Luntz told TFL President and CEO Bob Vander Plaats. “And I want them to get as close as they can to the candidates, so they can get the chance to judge them the way Iowa voters do.”

Luntz explained he wanted to bring the students to TFL because he wanted them to also hear from a conservative perspective.

Because this year’s caucuses are focused on only the Democrat side of the ticket, Luntz told Vander Plaats, “[The students] have been surrounded by one half of the electorate, and I wanted them to hear from you and the other half. And you’ve had so much influence on the voters here, so much influence on the outcome here, that I thought you were the perfect person to provide that information.”

Luntz brought 15 students, representing 11 nations – including China, Ecuador, Greece, India, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, and more.

With the students watching in the TFL studio audience, Luntz sat down and talked with Vander Plaats about Iowa’s key role in “listening for America,” the moment everyone thought Donald Trump was done-for, why Democrats are mistaken to abandon faith voters, the most memorable moment in Luntz’s distinguished career (which happened at a TFL event), and more:

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