Voter Information

Voter Information


The FAMiLY LEADER STRONGLY urges you to vote early this fall.

We are committed to doing everything we can to turn out as many conservative, pro-family voters in Iowa for the 2014 General Election as possible. Because this is a non-presidential election year, voter participation will be lower…that’s just the way voting behavior works in America. So it takes fewer votes for the best candidates to win, which means each individual vote has more weight than when voter participation is higher.

To boil it down, here’s what we’re saying: YOU MUST VOTE! Please make every effort to be sure your vote is counted in this very important election.

The best way to make sure your vote gets counted is to vote early. Yes, that’s right, you can vote early in Iowa. And here are two ways to do that before November 4:

1) Vote at your county auditor’s office during regular business hours.


2) Fill out the Absentee Ballot Request Form at this link: Long Distance Voter, and mail it to your county auditor. It must be ordered by Friday, Oct. 31 at 5:00 p.m., and filled out and postmarked by the Monday before the election (Nov. 3, 2014) to be counted. (The site also will enable you to verify your voter registration, and can help you even if you don’t live in Iowa. If you need to register in Iowa, you can go to

You may have every intention of getting to the polls on Election Day; but for every 100 people who say, “I’m not going to vote early, because I like to go vote at the polls and do it in person on Election Day,” less than 100 will actually do it. You know how it goes sometimes…

  • Unexpected emergency, sickness, or travel comes up.
  • At the end of a hectic, tiring day, Mom doesn’t think it’s worth piling all the kids into the van just to cast one vote.
  • After getting distracted and busy with a project at the house, it’s easy to convince yourself that your one vote isn’t worth the drive clear across town, or in some instances, several miles across the county.
  • Lines at the polling location keep you from getting your vote cast over the lunch hour like you planned, and you don’t have any other time available throughout the day.

There are all kinds of unforeseen reasons that people intending to vote never get around to actually doing it. We can all mitigate this fall-off in voter turnout among conservatives by requesting a ballot and voting early.

The other reason I (Chuck) always vote by absentee is that invariably when I open the ballot on my kitchen table, I see a few names on the ballot I don’t recognize. This gives me time to research those candidates’ positions so I can make a more informed and biblical vote, rather than rushing or guessing in the voting booth.

Listen, I’m (Bob) like many of you. I like to go vote at the polling location in person on Election Day, too. It makes me feel patriotic, like I’m exercising a duty and a privilege for my country. Furthermore, I don’t really like the whole early voting phenomenon. I have serious concerns that our current voting laws in Iowa leave all sorts of opportunity for fraudulent activities.

But none of that matters at the moment, because the law is the law, and like it or not, it will not change between now and the 2014 election. In addition to that, the Left has nearly perfected the process of using early voting to their advantage. We can either stomp our feet, and gripe, and complain, and continue to let liberals beat us at the early voting game, or we can get to work and convince our people to also use the full extent of the law to turn out votes on the conservative side.

There is too much at stake to be dogmatic about early voting at this stage in the election cycle. A conservative US Senate majority may well be determined by whether or not Joni Ernst beats Bruce Braley. And there are many important congressional and legislative races that need to be won by conservatives over liberals, as well.

Please fill out and mail in your absentee ballot request form today, and encourage your friends, neighbors, and fellow church-goers to do the same. Don’t forget about your conservative-leaning kids or grandkids who are away at college or in the military, either. Make sure they fill out and send in an absentee ballot request form, too.