Washington A Man of Prayer

Washington A Man of Prayer


The FAMiLY LEADER highly recommends and supports this prayer event and wanted you and your church to have the details.

Washington A Man of Prayer

Wednesday evening, May 7th

Washington A Man of Prayer celebrates the 225th inaugural anniversary of President George Washington. It affords members of Congress and Christian leaders the opportunity to honor Washington as a man of Christian faith.

Prayers will be offered on behalf of the nation, our President and his Cabinet, the Supreme Court and it Justices, and members of Congress.


Watch and pray along with the live event on Wednesday evening , May 7th at:

1) Daystar Television Network, 7:30-9:00 PM CST

2) Online

3) Webcast at a church. Click here for links to participating churches.


Invite your Senators and Representative to attend the event. Click here to find out how.

Visit www.WashingtonAManofPrayer.com.