WATCH: Gov. Reynolds champions Protect Life Amendment

WATCH: Gov. Reynolds champions Protect Life Amendment


Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds spoke a crowd of roughly 200 pro-life supporters at the Prayer Rally for Life at the Iowa Capitol on March 2, 2020.

Chief among her topics: Iowa’s need to pass the Protect Life Amendment.

“With one ruling the Iowa Supreme Court moved [Iowa] from being one of the most pro-life states in the nation to being one of the most abortion friendly,” the governor explained. “That one ruling was more aggressive than the U.S. Supreme Court was in Roe v. Wade.

“It laid the groundwork to challenge every single regulation and restriction on abortion on demand and opened the doors for public funding of abortion,” she continued. “I believe this decision is wrong, and it’s up to us to correct overreach by the judiciary.”

Watch Gov. Reynolds’ full speech below:

Get the facts on the Iowa Supreme Court’s radical ruling and why Iowa needs to pass the Protect Life Amendment: Click here now!

You can also watch video of the whole Prayer Rally for Life below, or use the time codes below the video to skip to specific speakers:

0:00 Opening Remarks/Introduction – Danny Carroll – The FAMiLY LEADER /Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders

2:10 Opening Prayer – Terry Amann – Pastor at the Church of the Way

6:52 Update on Constitutional Amendment

8:32 Representative Steve Holt

15:41 Senator Jake Chapman

23:52 Introduction of Governor – Bob Vander Plaats – The FAMiLY LEADER

29:22 Governor Kim Reynolds

39:25 Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders – Maggie DeWitte – Executive Director – Iowans For LIFE Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders

46:24 Mothers, Victims, and the Role of the Church – Laura Limmex – Restored by Grace Ministries, 515.971.5522

58:30 Prayer for Life – Father Mark McGeary – Associate Pastor of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, West Des Moines

1:03:13 Recognize Legislators in attendance – ChuckHurley – TheFAMiLYLEADER

1:04:52 Prayer for Legislators and Governor – A.J. Potter – Pastor at Pleasantville Baptist Church

1:09:40 Closing Prayer Pastor Shawn Powers – Pastor at Redemption Hill Church

1:11:57 Closing Remarks – Danny Carroll