WATCH: Protect Life Amendment public hearing

WATCH: Protect Life Amendment public hearing


On Tuesday, Feb. 25, observers at the Iowa Capitol were truly surprised and inspired: Pro-lifers came to the Capitol by the hundreds to pray, to testify, and to cheer on Iowa’s pro-life champions at a public hearing for The Protect Life Amendment.

While long-time Capitol observers remember well the days when Planned Parenthood’s pink-shirted crowds chanted and drowned out small gatherings of pro-life activists, Tuesday night marked a significant shifting of the tide. The former State Supreme Court chambers, the hallways, the Rotunda, and an overflow room were all crowded this time with a comparable crowd of pro-lifers. Those who have seen the ultrasounds and those who know that infant lives in their mothers’ wombs are babies deserving of protection came to cheer on the Protect Life Amendment.

In fact, as the night concluded, House members noticed, the pro-abortion forces ran out of people willing to testify, while the pro-life list still ran over a dozen long of people hoping to speak.

The FAMiLY Leader’s camera and communications team was there, covering the action. You can watch the entire night’s slate of testimonies below, or use the time-stamp list below the video to skip to a specific speaker:

Click on times to jump to spot in video.

0:00 Rep. Holt – Opening Comments on HJR 2004
2:43 Dr. Mary Browning
6:01 Opposition
8:59 Lisa Ambrozic
12:05 Opposition
15:18 Renee Aamodt
18:15 Opposition
21:14 Brittany Hruska
24:11 Opposition
27:21 Pastor Josh DeGroote
30:35 Opposition
33:45 Kim Laube
36:47 Opposition
39:59 Maggie Dewitte
42:42 Opposition
45:55 Jim Lamb
49:08 Opposition
51:48 Daniel Sunne
54:30 Opposition
57:42 Danny Carroll
1:00:46 Opposition
1:03:30 Caitlyn Dixson
1:06:21 Laura Limmex
1:09:23 Opposition
1:12:30 Luana Stoltenberg
1:15:31 Opposition
1:18:31 Serena Dye
1:21:47 Opposition
1:24:57 Nancy Lincoln
1:28:08 Opposition
1:30:26 Eric Borseth
1:33:37 Opposition
1:36:42 Joan Thompson
1:39:28 Rebecca Oleson
1:42:21 Opposition
1:45:30 Opposition
1:48:23 Drew Zahn
1:51:34 Lindsey M.
1:54:29 Opposition
1:57:47 Chuck Hurley
2:01:22 Nathan Oppman
2:04:02 – Closing/end