We ask your prayers, on a national scale

We ask your prayers, on a national scale


160222scaliaAmerica lost a champion defender of our religious liberty – indeed all our liberties – with the passing of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia recently.

And as we’ve seen all too often recently, those liberties hang by a thread in a sharply divided Supreme Court. The absence of Justice Scalia’s wisdom and restraint will be sorely missed.

Now, a great responsibility in the process of Scalia’s replacement falls upon a fellow Iowan, Sen. Chuck Grassley. As chairman of the United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary, Grassley will be leading the hearings on confirming or rejecting candidates the president will nominate to fill Scalia’s shoes.

160222grassleyWill you pray with us for Sen. Grassley?

Pray that he will have both wisdom and courage to choose what is best for the nation over what may be most expedient politically. Pray that he will be given words to speak bold convictions and to reveal the hearts of the nominees. And pray that he will be encouraged when under fire for standing on those convictions.

And would you also pray for our current and next president?

It falls upon the president to nominate the justices of the Supreme Court. These justices, in turn, have historically instigated seismic shifts in the American culture. Pray our president be given insight into the character and convictions of potential nominees. Pray that the president will choose those nominees who will, through their decisions, both honor God and bless the people of our nation.

America is truly at a crossroads. Will you pray?

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