Week #14: Gov. Signs Prayer Proc.

Week #14: Gov. Signs Prayer Proc.

The Iowa Prayer Caucus
Rep. Thede
Rep. Fry

A major highlight this week was when 41 legislators and the Lt. Governor signed the “Iowa Prayer Proclamation” on Tuesday.

Representatives Phyllis Thede and Joel Fry are co-chairs of the Iowa Prayer Caucus.  They have been meeting in prayer each Tuesday Noon – 1 PM in Room 19 of the Capitol, with several other legislators and guests in attendance.  We salute Representatives Fry and Thede for their faithful leadership in bringing a bipartisan prayer effort to the Iowa Capitol.

At the prayer rally Tuesday, they were accompanied by Lea Carawan from the National Prayer Caucus.  It was an inspiring event and brought hope to all who attended.

You can learn more about the Iowa Prayer Caucus and read the Proclamation by going to the following link: www.iowaprayercaucus.com


Pro-Life Champions

Senator Sinclair sponsored Senate Amendment 3172 on the Human Services Budget bill.  Her fellow Republicans joined her as co-sponsors.  Their Amendment was an effort to redirect tax dollars from abortion providers to health care providers that provide comprehensive health care for women.  The amendment lost on a vote of 23 to 24 with all Republican votes plus one Democrat (Joe Seng from Davenport).

You can listen to Senator Sinclair’s closing remarks and the final vote at the link below:

Scroll to find the progress bar and forward to: 43:53 – 48:23


Senator Dennis Guth Takes a Hit for Marriage

Are These Comments Ignorant?Senator Guth delivered an important, thought-provoking speech in the Senate on Wednesday morning.  He emphasized teaching our youth about the importance of marriage, and the dangers of homosexual behavior.  He has received some fierce opposition by Senator Matt McCoy.  Please show your support and appreciation to Senator Guth:  dennis.guth@legis.iowa.gov.

You can see the videos and read our response to at our earlier post today:

Are These Comments Ignorant?


Representative Tom Shaw Alerts House to Gosnell Horrors

Representative Shaw delivered a speech in the Iowa House admonishing the media and others for ignoring the horrors of abortionist Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia.  He lamented the lack of news coverage from those in the media who are outraged at incidents much more trivial.  You can listen to his remarks at this link:

Scroll to find the progress bar and forward to: 2:12:58 – 2:19:56


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